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Do you hear or see strange things happen in your house? Do you think it’s paranormal or a friend playing a prank on you. What is the definition of a ghost or what is a ghost? Research says that they are spirits of the dead who for whatever reason get “lost” on their way to the Other side. Others say they are people who are trapped and can’t go unless they finish their unfinished business. There are a lot of people saying things that ghosts are fallen angels or all ghosts are completely filled of evil energy, which is not true sometimes.

Scientists say that we don’t have the tools to have proof that ghosts exist,but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with spooky tails and movies or so. Ghost hunters try new gadgets to find or communicate with ghosts to help them find their way to the Other side.

Folklore describes spirits in scary tails that sometimes ghosts can guide you to safety or dangerous places and help you solve mysteries.

A Lot of ghosts can look scary, but a lot of them can help your way out of scary situations and other problems. Another ghost can protect you from other evil ghosts and will do whatever it takes to protect you. Sometimes they’ll make sounds or throw things because either they want you to get out of their house or they are trying to warn you about something. Research says that Cultures all around belief in spirits and that millions of people are interested in ghosts and a 2013 Harris Poll found that 43% of Americans believe in ghosts! Ghosts are souls that haunt the living and sometimes they are pleasant or dangerous spirits.

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People have claimed to see their stuff moving and being thrown and said that it might be a ghost.

People have tried to communicate with spirits for ages. In Victorian England for example,it was fashionable for ladies to hold senses in their parlors after tea and crumpets with friends. Some people tried other things to communicate with spirits. They tried a special speaker that can let spirits speak through. Others hired a specialist to communicate with special tools and words. A lot of people hired ghost hunters to see if it’s a ghost or not. Ghost hunters don’t have the tools to see or hear ghosts, so we’re unsure about whether ghosts are real or not.My evidence shows that if ghosts are real and if ghost hunters hunt ghost for evidence, the search would have been abandoned long ago. Instead, it’s a chance to have fun with friends and tell scary stories about your trips to haunted houses, graveyards, and schools. If you hear ghostly moans or sounds of the paranormal, then grab your flashlight and get ready to tell your next spooky story.

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