Culture and diversity Final

an infinite person restricts the dreedom of others

According to the lecture, culture is
a system of beliefs, behaviors, and customs shared by members of a group in a certain place or time

which statement about beauty most closely approximates the discussion in the chapter?
if we want to expand our pleasure in beauty, we need to experience many forms of it

the study of the humanities allows us to forget about the past and focus on achieving our personal goals for the future

during the Renaissance the humanities were
partly the study of classical art, literature, and philosophy

the pleasure that beauty inspires in us is called aesthetic pleasure

the humanities widens our understanding of all things except
the way to financial security

according to the lecture, the study of the humanities can be defined as
the study of human condition through various academic disciplines

which is not listed in the chapter as a discipline of the humanities?
none of these.


the humanities continue to be about males who contributed to the development of western civilization

the hero’s early recognition for greatness satisfies our universal need for acceptance

indulging in “popcorn fun” is
a legitimate way to spend time

the well-known fairy tales have all but
women who think for themselves

the hero is an archetype found in almost every culture

there is little to be gained from reading professional critics

many myths attempt to explain the existence of human suffering

The scholar who maintained that we are all born with a recognition of shared archetypes that we use to understand human experience was
Carl Jung

A context is a framework of circumstances and relationships

circles abound in early mythology because of an ancient belief that life goes nowhere.

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All of the following except one were involved in one or more hero myths
the hero is reunited with his lost love just before he dies

alienation involves
refusing to respond empathetically

in the humanities, a myth is the term for something false that is widely believed.

A work must belong to the present day in order for us to truly appreciate it

another name for the mythical “special someone” is
the mysterious stranger

when you tell yourself a convenient and palatable version of an uncomfortable event, you are

the first step in a personal critical response is not to jump to hasty conclusions.

Which of the following responses to a work of art does not represent critical thinking?
doing research to find out how the work fared when it was new

the belief that things were much better in the past is related to the myth of
the mandala

the first step in a personal critical response is not to jump to hasty conclusions

the archetypal hero’s great deed
occurs in young adulthood

Aristotle’s unmoved mover is
a cause of the first effect

the book of the bible that implies that god created the world out of nothing

Carl Sagan’s statement, “absence of evidence is not evidence of absence,” can be used to justify
a belief in god

the veil of ignorance has to do with
wiping out all awareness of who we are and where we come from

the Shiite Muslims and the Sunni Muslims each believe that
the control of the Islamic faith is rightfully theirs

In Plato’s version of a state in which justice prevails, the ruler is
the philosopher king

to the question, “what is life?” both Hinduism and Buddhism offer the same answer

If the protection of itself were the sole basis for a society’s morality, which of the following laws would such a society want passed?
required full-coverage auto insurance

the belief that it is impossible to know whether god exsists

A network of related values on which moral choices are based is called a
moral system

much classical literature portrays sexual passion as
bringing about tragic results

The word romance derives from the code of love adopted by the ancient Romans

For Plato, the highest form of love was
love of the beautiful

all of the following are stoic comments except
individuals, if they have strength and will, can change the inevitable

Which of the following was characteristic of love as portrayed in classical myth?
the impossible love between a mortal and an immortal goddess

In the Victorian model of marriage, men were expected to remain virgins until the wedding night

the term eros refers to love as a spiritual or intellectual nonphysical relationship

which of the following statements is based directly on Aristotle’s theory of happiness?
since we seek pleasure in order to be happy, happiness and pleasure cannot be the same

the language of this is precisely what we do NOT find in the literature of the Greeks and Romans

Freud’s term for these values imposed on us by family, religion, education, and the law
the superego

which of the following is not associated with epicureanism
intellectual activity as a source of pain

which of the following does not support the determinist argument?

one conclusion that can be drawn from some determinist arguments is that only the insane are really free

which of the following lines expresses a hedonistic view of life?
“gather ye rose-buds while ye may”

in the eighteenth century it was common for every well-bred gentleman to have at least one mistress

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