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This article discusses the cult following of Jimmy Buffett and how dedicated they are to go basically all over the world in support. These fans were tagged with the name “Parrot Heads” by one of the members of the Eagles band due to the bright colorful Hawaiian shirts in a 1985 concert that Jimmy Buffett was performing in. He said that they appeared like what he called Deadheads that were in tropical suits at the time. Jimmy Buffett became one of the wealthiest musically inclined persons in the world in his time during the 1970s by creating his brand Margarita Ville.

This brand included casinos and restaurants all over. There are thousands of fans who gather at his concerts in which each event would take on the form of a beach party with fans geared up in what are called parrot hats and Hawaiian shirts.

Every year fans are able to build relationships and get to know each other by having tailgating parties before Jimmy Buffett concerts where now they are charged an admission price in order to tailgate.

Social media has made a huge impact by giving Parrott Heads a platform to be able to share their love and excitement for the brand. The results of a study suggests that Margarita Ville has the highest average for the number of photos that were being tagged to the various locations belonging to the brand. The high levels of fan engagement is a direct result of the brand’s swift responses to fan posts that are on Instagram.

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Social media has turned out to be a match to not only empower but engage fans. This brand has found a way to help fans be able to embrace who they are, what they believe, and their way of life. This brand has made itself a very important part of life for the fans and has become like family to many.

This cult brand has caused people to draw strength from their awesome experience and has enabled them with the ability the share that experience with others on a large scale. Jimmy Buffett fans are so die-hard that they regularly plan their vacations to attend his concerts and schedule specific trips catered on visiting Caribbean destinations with Buffett type restaurants. People have had Parrott Head style weddings, boats decked out, and RVs with Buffett designs. The demographics comes from an assortment of lifestyles, groups, job descriptions. Most of the fans are devoted because it is a way to get away from the norms and escape. There are other reasons people go to Margarita Ville which are to be volunteers for blood drives, raise money to grant wishes for kids that are sick, and building homes for those in need. Parrot Heads in Paradise has donated millions of dollars and has contributed millions of hours volunteering towards charitable work.

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