Crohn Dei Bastian Zach and Matthias Bauer Review

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Tyrol in 1703:, located in a narrow valley surrounded by dark forests and the mighty mountains, a small village. In “old, weathered, blackened, unadorned” courts live farmers with their families, maids, servants and their cattle. To the village includes a small church where the pastor keeps strictly to the Roman Catholic practices, a though “unsafe” hand over his charges. You could peacefully go about their day’s work, if not all lived in constant fear – even the “uncouth” powerful work Bauer Jakob Karrer.

They fear the Protestants, the marauding Bavaria and a disaster that, starting from threatened “them” all their lives.

It is the harshest winter in years. Two days, the downed Johann List trails through the woods. His bulging money belt was stolen from him. To eat he has nothing left. He sleeps under tree roots or in a barn. Despite the light snow, the forest is dark and in mist. Tree trunks turn into grimaces. Gangrene and fever tormented him, he hallucinates, is in the midst of the battlefield where a storm of sharp-edged Schrappnells, lumps of earth and human body parts sweeps around it.

A Prussian appears, disappears in the fog. But John is tough, does not give up, even when he the cry of the great ravens of the dead birds off. on all fours he crawls through the high snow elle, sees flashes of light, the lights inhabited farmhouses. With his last strength he climbs the steps to the front door, knock, “rumbling steps” approach, the door is open, “What?”, “Barking” Jakob Karrer him – and slams the door shut.

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Johann is at the end, his strength is used up.

An old man and a young woman, Elisabeth, the daughter of Jacob, come out of the house, wipe Johann the snow from her face, “inspect him intently,” are be sure he is not one of “them” and take him to the courtyard of the old grandfather. They provide for his wound, and Elisabeth nurses him back to health. Johann will remain in the village and have to work his “guilt” as a servant of the farmer Jacob. From the beginning, he feels the threatening that all frightening in the village, across him staring at the deeply incised in door and window beams and red-colored symbols. All this is scary to him, and his instinct tells him to get out of here. But he remains, falls in love with Elisabeth – and will survive worst, unimaginable horror …

Coinciding with the first sentence of the prologue ( “in occulto vivunt”) the reader is from the book by pulling dark atmosphere detected. The community harbors a secret that dominates the village for a hundred years. This dark, claustrophobic atmosphere you can not escape, because they make the authors masterfully. Rich in adjectives her story persons, places, scenes describing – and particularly the mood of a truncated tiny world whose people are particularly sensitive to any kind of superstition

The period atmosphere is impressive and authentic painted.. We see the church as it takes place in the “Sunday best” in the Church, strictly separated by gender and distributed according to hierarchy from front to back on the benches. Then you go into the village tavern, where maids and servants spooning from a skillet, while the farmers of course a fat piece of meat served up

The characters are all completely individual, interesting personalities: the amiable grandfather;. the helpful servant Albin, the Johann about the hard work at the beginning helps away; the priest who wears constantly turning to God, a heavy burden. Before father Jacob Elisabeth must take and Johann beware, because he threatens with fatal beatings, Johann or another man image should only dare even to approach his daughter. Here could Johann this martinet “like an annoying fly” shake. “But only a fool boasts of his skill,” he thinks prefer.

I almost you too much away from this excellent thriller. Just because he is inclined slightly to the genres of mystery and fantasy, which does not quite match my reading tastes, I have to deny him the fifth quality star; but if you like something, no Kritkpunkte will find it. Please take a look at the cover of Black Green radiates all of what you can expect when reading. Center of the dark portico is an eyeless, clothed with a robe man who embraces both hands a book. Only shine, but not deducted by color, one discovers in the lower third a circular symbol, which can be explained in the novel.

In keeping with the Christmas season (our village community expects the upcoming holiday season) this is a very atmospheric , dark, rough, sometimes cruel tome. (See ausliegen this book in any local bookstore because I have) a real gem.

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