Critical success factors Weight Banyan Tree Raw adjust 1

Critical success factors Weight Banyan Tree

Raw adjust

1. Brand image 0.2 8 1.6

2. Product differentiation 0.2 7 1.4

3. Product quality 0.1 6 0.6

4. Management System 0.2 5 1

5. Marketing 0.1 6 0.6

6.Customer service 0.2 6 1.2

1 6.4/10

Brand image

Banyan Tree won some international tourism, hospitality, design and marketing awards since 2002. BTHR accepted a lot of rewards such as Seychelles Best Resorts and Seychelles Best Spa from World Travel Awards (2003), Best Hotels for Rooms (Bangkok) form UK Conde Nast Traveler (2006), Best Hotel (Luxury) from Hospitality Design Awards (2007) and PATA Gold Award- Ecotourism Project Category (Bintan) form Pacific Asia Travel Association Gold Awards (2008).

By achieving these rewards, BTHR can be more success in the future than the other hotels and resorts and also, they can keep their brand image effectively. (Wirtz, 2011)

Product differentiation

Product differentiation also plays one of the incredible roles for hotel industry. The differentiation of BTHR is one of their critical success factors. As the Banyan Tree brand ended up set up, the organization started growing its system of spas and retail outlets. Independent Banyan Tree Spas and Banyan Tree Galleries were set up as isolated ventures, autonomous of Banyan Tree Galleries were set up as discrete ventures, free of Banyan Tree hotels and resorts in different urban areas, for example, Singapore, Shanghai, Sydney, India and Dubai, working either in different hotels or as remain solitary outlets.

Banyan Tree additionally propelled The Museum shop, a joint organization with Singapore’s National Heritage Board to showcase Asia’s rich and differing social legacy through unique museum-inspired merchandise. Today the Banyan Tree works in excess of 30 resorts and hotels and 70 spas around the globe, both in beachside areas and moving its idea of inconspicuous luxury into a urban setting also.

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(Wirtz, 2015)

Product quality

Items consistency and uniqueness are another two qualities of BTHR. These were seen during the site visits and interviews. The product quality standard is also one of BTHR critical success factors. Visitor room offices, bedding and even the fragrance are very comparative in all the Banyan Tree Hotels. Special facilities likewise make Banyan tree hotels distinctive with others and consumer loyalty is their administration standard. For example, in Phuket, a couple could appreciate supper on a customary Thai long tail watercraft joined by private Thai performers while cruising as opposed to dinning in an eatery. Banyan Tree Phuket additionally offered wedding bundles in which couples were honored by Buddhist priests. In Banyan tree Maldives, wedding bundles incorporated into a submerged wedding service among the corals.

Management system

The management system of BTHR also creates one of the critical success factors in their industry. In spite of the fact that administration forced strict principles in the organization of the retreats, workers were enabled to practice innovatively and affectability. For example, the housekeeping groups were not limited by a standard bed enhancement rather they were given space for imagination in spite of the fact that they had general rules for turning the go to sleep to keep in accordance with the benchmarks of a top-notch resort. The majority of the Banyan Tree workers were prepared to the fundamental principles of five-star benefit foundations which included welcome visitors, recollecting their first names and foreseeing their necessities. Banyan tree hotels have extremely unique reasoning on giving the staff fantastic welfare. Representatives were taken to and from work in cooled transports, and approached different civilities, including great quality bottles, and restorative and kid care offices. Staff residences had TVs, phones, fridges, and connected restrooms. (Anon., 2015)


Banyan Tree Hotel and resorts target specific consumers and will cater their prices, facilities and advertising strategies to this group. The advertising of BTHR is also one of their critical success factors. Regardless of having insignificant advertising, Banyan Tree accomplished a worldwide introduction and an abnormal state of brand awareness through the organization’s advertising and worldwide promoting programs. Banyan Tree organization’s showcasing correspondences were constrained by worldwide advertising office. Brand awareness for Banyan Tree was produced to a great extent through advertising and worldwide promoting programs. For example, associations with movement editors and authors were developed to urge visits to the retreats. Banyan Tree Hotel and resorts additionally worked with operators spend significant time in elite extravagance occasions focused at well off clients.

Customer service

Customer service is also integral part of the success of BTHR. Nowadays, there are a lot of competitors in hotel industry and if BTHR needs to give unique and perfect customers service to their customers. The client administration of Banyan Tree is truly amazing particularly the resorts and the spa service for clients. Banyan Tree resorts contained individual villas that accompanied a private pool, jacuzzi or spa treatment room, each intended to offer visitors only and most extreme security. Another incredible customer service of the Banyan Tree was the Banyan Tree Spa found at each Banyan Tree’s divisions. Banyan Tree served an assortment of sweet-smelling oil back rubs, and face and body excellence by utilizing conventional Asian treatments with a decision of indoor or outside treatment. The Spa items utilized were characteristic, indigenous items produced using neighborhood herbs and flavors.

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