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Critical Analysis Essay

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Paper type: Analysis

“Why Do Multinational Corporations Relocate Core Parts of Their

Corporate Headquarters Abroad?”

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INTRODUCTION:The exploration is about “Why Do Multinational Corporations Relocate Core Parts of Their Corporate Headquarters Abroad?” (Baaij et al., 2015)

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The main purpose of this research is to analyze critically the purpose of relocating the headquarters at some other place that is far from the home country.

In the article, initially the Rationale for the study explained, analyzed and then discussed critically in terms of Literature review, Research Methodology, Research findings, and usefulness to current managers. Finally, the report will be discussed and concluded.

2. RATIONALE FOR THE STUDY:Previously, organizations used to place their Corporate Headquarters (CHQs) with respect to their nations of origin where they were established. Over the years, Multinational Corporations (MNCs) are destined to migrate their CHQ from their nation of origin. According to the past writing review, discovered that general migration check ignored and blocked the examination on development across over national borders (Rice and Lyons, 2010). The insufficiency of past writing could propel the investigation in the paper to enhance with respect to a region. In addition, the past research liked to consider the CHQ in general which may prompt the confuse action of development. It is realize that examination on the migration of these particular three sections is rare. Therefore, this paper chose to concentrate on this exploration subject to analyze whether there are distinctive inspirations and drivers of migration between different parts. Likewise, the literature hopes to enhance the literature significant writing and give suggestion to look into additionally.


 This article explains the writings from Chandler, 1962; Foss, 1997; Goold et al., 1994 and Goold and Campbell, 2002 and other contributions. In addition, the article gives an unmistakable, exact meaning of the three center fragments dependent on the writings (Birkinshaw and Hood, 1998). These writing references give to CHQ division and explicit office’s definition that help to accomplish the motivation behind this research. In addition, the paper likewise wants to distinguish the particular drivers and inspirations of three sections moving elective nations. Consequently, the article states to the writing of (Birkinshaw, 2006) to discover main fundamental drivers for MNCs movement: level of internationalism and clear desirability of the current home nation. The article discovers that most MNCs shares issued in the outside nation. MNCs like to migrate their CHQ to an elective nation to get less expensive offshore capital and have solid funding from offshore partners. In addition, (Birkinshaw and Hood, 1998) expressed MNCs resources winding up more internationalized is another critical inspiration for CHQ migration. MNCs could get the opportunity to key learning from offshore business related partners and they could speak with offshore business related partners productively. Then again, when the financial advantages engaging quality of a home nation are less than elective nations, MNCs incline to migrate their CHQ. This part of writing reference offers the examination a driver premise that gives a general exploration route. It tends see that the examination of the article depends on these drivers in its investigation to look at and build up these drivers. That is the inspiration behind why the article might want this writing. From the writing review in the article, it seen that the writers of the article reference a lot of writing as a hypothetical premise and proof help that make their discoveries progressively valid. Additionally, the paper just incorporates the applicable references dependent on journalist’s judgment instead of acknowledging everything from past exploration.




The Netherlands well known for its best-internationalized economies in the world, so it is proper to choose MNCs established in Holland as exploration trials. Referring to Fortunate Global Corporations, biggest Dutch MNCs chosen as tests following a similar foundation: trades volume and freely developed from Dutch base that could guarantee the reliability of tests. Additionally, the article used qualitative and subjective exploration strategies. A meeting is a correspondence dependent on explicit reason to carry out the defendant’s perspective on explicit occasions.

Over the correspondence with CEOs, a top to bottom and sensible comprehension of migration composed. Examiners could get to the shrouded inspiration and drivers behind appearance and motion. However, it ought to notice that meeting is a hard method to hold on impartiality and exactness of the defendant’s perspectives since the entire procedure of interview, questions and answers altogether founded on abstract particular information and readiness. In addition, it also lacks principles that imply that the inquiries are anything but difficult to change as per the situation. Meanwhile, polls and brochures gather quantitative data because the sum of tests in the research, a questionnaire is a suitable strategy to discover managers’ approach to move. The technique adds to shielding reaction from a single source and basic inclination practically. The examiner also can discover diverse drivers for various divisions to gather information from four main officers that add to accomplishing the inspiration behind the exploration. The article similarly gave non-reaction predisposition test by recognizing the distinction in trades volume and level of internationalism between a defendant and non-defendant companies. It correspondingly analyzed first and last respondent companies. It demonstrated that there is no major change appeared. This exploration method could help exploration discoveries be more exact by avoiding factual errors.

However, because the article used blended techniques in the exploration (quantitative and subjective strategies), some issues may exit. Firstly, mixed strategies cost extra time and exertion in completing research. Secondly, there is a need to be acquainted with quantitative and subjective research, which could be an obstacle for people lacking specific learning foundation. Last, its hypothetical establishment placated and full of discussion.



a. Robustness of research findings

As indicated by the exploration, the article found that the CHQ migration in Holland has been across the board from now on. There is a critical contrast among these offices. As of now, none of these organizations moves their corporate lawful seat. If the corporation migrates the entire CHQ, it may lose its local market.

As per the information gathered, it appears that presently MNCs still has seen the engaging quality of home nation irrespective what extent of degree. Conversely, it is also a suggestion for managers that in the globalization development, cost management and market advancement are vital. If the budget is high for Human Resources in the home nation, it proposed to move staff role from the home nation. In fact, while thinking about which parts move, managers should also consider the drivers for every department, which are a test as following.

The article used relapse model and proposition test to look at legitimacy. A noteworthy positive relationship is found between ‘Internationalization of MNCs investors’ and two CHQ parts: EMT participants and center staff function. While the connection between this inspiration and a lawful seat is not noteworthy which implies that corporate would not change its choice whether the level of internationalization of investors rise or not. When considered another inspiration ‘the apparent appeal of the MNCs present home nation. A critical negative relationship found between ‘accessibility of ability’ and center staff functions. Concerning ‘nature of administration bunch’, just center staff functions have a noteworthy negative association with it which demonstrates that if the administration group is in excellent, MNCs tend not to move from home nation.

As the regard of ‘cost of the financial routine’ and ‘nature of lawful and administrative routine’, just a legitimate seat has a huge negative association with it. The relapse model is a decent forecast, which can except and illuminate the capacity, yet additionally, test the outcomes and check the precision of the model.

b. Use of research findings for managers

Initially, the article provides managers with mindfulness that is not important to move the entire CHQ together. It is prudent to migrate a few parts of CHQ with respect to the real circumstance instead of making the radical alternative to move the CHQ. Besides, the article uses the relapse model to show that while thinking about migration managers ought to rely upon various drivers for different divisions in CHQ. Notice the positive or negative connection among drivers and divisions. Third, with the exception of these drivers, managers should also consider the individual eagerness of a supervisory team and staff group that can shield organizations from clashes. Last, note that migration is wordiness choice. Decision makers are probably going to make changes while considering the changing outside situation into account.


 The report gives a critical analysis of the journal “why do multinational corporations relocate core parts of their corporate headquarters abroad?” (Baaij et al., 2015). The journal states were rich in writing, which support the discoveries strongly. It also uses quantitative and subjective strategy, which adds to retrieving useful information for exploration. Based on the results there are suggestions for managers. However, recommend that writers of journals should change factors to look at the vigor of discoveries.




 Baaij,  M.G., Mom,  T.J.M., Van den Bosch,   .A.J.&  Volberda,H.W.(2015),  Why  Do Multinational Corporations Relocate Core Parts of Their Corporate Headquarters Abroad?

Long Range Planning 48(1), pp. 46-58.














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