Cristiano Ronaldo Is the Perfect Footballer

Cristiano Ronaldo has been an anomaly in European football and seems to be from a different planet. He has not only conquered one, but 3 of the 5 top leagues in Europe, and provided his country their first international trophy, and to add on has the most goals in the champions league which is a very prestigious competition. In his speech after winning his fifth ballon d’or which is player of the year award. Ronaldo talks on his tenacity, which has always been his strongest quality on how to be on the top.

So, after winning his fifth player of the year award tying Messi he makes a bold statement about being the best player in the world. In his speech he uses his past awards, and how he is overall a perfect player comparing himself to other greats in the sports world, and also uses his personal stories to convey his strong emotions to connect with the audience by showing how his hard work pays off and even when you’re at a low point try to always keep your head up and prove to the world you can do anything regardless of critique.

Ronaldo could be seen as arrogant, but is it arrogance if its backed up by his past? His personality has a big ego, and he doesn’t shy away from it, “never seen anyone better”, and right after uses his career to credit that statement. He goes on to explain how no one has as many personal trophies as him and how he is the complete player with the most club goals and assists is Europe’s top five leagues.

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Ronaldo does this to prove why he can talk the way he does, and why he truly thinks he is better than his counter rivals Messi and Neymar for player of the year. He then compares himself to other sports superstars like Floyd and Lebron. He uses these giants in the sports world to compare his reign on his sport. Also, by showing that at this level you must be better than anyone in everything which is a trait you see in the people he mentions. He uses this comparison also to show that he believes in himself to be at the top and that all his hard work pays off. He goes into how he got to this point, in his beginning career when he was picked up by England superpower Manchester he was 18. After a clash with them with his home team sporting F.C. they instantly signed him, and when he started he was just this foreign scrawny teenager and thirteen years later he is standing on this podium tearing after winning yet another countless trophy in his successful career.

So, Ronaldo has done his best to prove his way onto why he believes he is the best player to brace football. He also although you might not believe this be very respectable and can really be a great role model for admirable youngsters with self-doubt. Ronaldo then goes into his troubles with his self. How he started to be demotivated when Messi won four years in a row, “I had no desire to go”, which can be a very hard rut to get out of. Instead of giving up he went out and broke his own record for most league goals in a season and said how he has never worked harder. His use of emotion to really ground himself and let the audience know that he is just like the rest of them. That he even at the top can deal with these thoughts of despair. He also really gives the audience hope that and I know this sounds cliché, he allows them to have the ability that if you take initiative in your life you can beat any obstacle. His ability to be a role model to his audience is so great. He then talks about his greatest troubles that he has for the future but, his positive overtone allows the audience to feel hope for not only him, but to subconsciously imagine their own troubles and have a good attitude on how they will conquer their own mountain.

Ronaldo’s speech was moving to the audience while also backing up his claims which can be difficult to do. His claim was backed up with his passion, his overall confidence, and his countless trophies. People around him say they’ve never seen someone so passionate about what they do. His countless accounts of his success show that all the critics talk but cannot prove what they say, and his evidence can prove his claim on his self. He really does also do an exemplary job of using his emotions whilst tearing up to connect to people on why this was such a big milestone in his career. Overall his use of credibility and emotion really sways the readers and listeners to his speech to believe why Cristiano Ronaldo statement on how he is the best player to ever surface the game of football.

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