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Crispr Research Paper Topics & Essay Examples

Explanation of research question and what motivates it<

Write the research question summary and analysis here. Literature Review Babies by Design Our ability to understand and change the human genome has changed leaps and bounds over the last decade. Technological ability to enable parents to scan for genetic diseases like Down’s syndrome already exists and soon it may be possible to edit the…

Technological advances in medicine

Introduction The constant advances in health and hygiene over time such as the standardization of processes, implementation of laws and improvements in health (along with other factors) have increased the overall average life expectancy to about 70 years. Discoveries such as the microscope and microbial theory made vaccines and antibiotics possible, which allowed us to…

My Career in Medicine

My desire to pursue a career in Medicine is in many ways a natural outcome of my upbringing. With both parents qualified doctors, anatomy and the way the body functions became a natural part of our conversation at home and my fascination developed over the years. When I was 15, my mother’s diagnosis of intussusception,…

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Hepatitis C virus (HCV)

ABSTRACT Hepatitis C is a liver infection caused by the Hepatitis C virus (HCV) leading to serious liver damage. In this project, we have used the genome editing technique CRISPR/ cas9 using a LentiCRISPR construct to knock-out the La gene that encodes the La autoantigen protein. This host protein interacts with Hepatitis C virus (HCV)…

Symptoms of a hunched back/deformed limbs

An outbreak has occurred in the Antelope Valley leaving people among the ages of thirty to fifty years old to endure the symptoms of a hunched back/deformed limbs, a loss of red blood cells, excessive amounts of saliva, red eyes, and patchy/decaying skin. The cause of the disease is a mutagen that has entered the…

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