Criminal acts and crime are a focus and intrigue of society Whenever

Criminal acts and crime are a focus and intrigue of society. Whenever you look you will find crime in movies, newspapers and television shows. Crime can simultaneously intrigue and repel us, it’s like watching an accident; something you never want to see but something you can’t look away from. Crime is wherever you look, from the local papers to the latest films. Humans are curious by nature, we constantly feel the need to question and demand answers. Therefore, when a crime is committed, we automatically ask what is the reason? What causes criminal behaviour? Unless we know what causes an act of crime it is hard to put accept it and move on.

The quest for the reasons for crime continues shaping the premise of most criminological investigations. There are various theories for why crime occurs; biological, economical, psychological and sociological. However, these theories can fall into two basic school of thoughts, nature and nurture. Nature focuses on genetics and our individual traits, on the characteristics that we are born with whereas nurture focuses more on our environment, the people we grow up with.

In the late 19th century the theory of ‘anthropological criminology’ was coined by Cesare Lombroso which stated that criminality was inherited and that physical defects could identify a criminal (Uberto Gatti, 2012). Lombroso believe that criminals had the physical features that resembled apes and lover primates. This period was thusly set apart with heartless treatment and the conviction that qualities were the sole explanation for criminal conduct.

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The anthropological criminology biological theory would inevitably be contrary to the rules and expectations of modern civilized society (Joseph, 2001). There was proof to help the possibility that nature likewise assumed a significant role in crime. Early family studies were conducted that demonstrated an inclination and predisposition for criminal conduct because of acquired qualities, yet that a person’s attributes and character could in any case be changed by the environment in which they were exposed to (Joseph, 2001). In spite of the fact that these investigations were bereft of high legitimacy and unwavering quality, regardless it brought up the issue of whether the earth can likewise impact people to act in a criminal way. The discussion among hereditary qualities and condition proceeds with today with significantly more solid research and information.

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