Creativity vs Following the Rules

Personality is what makes everybody unique and special, we build ourselves with our experience, feelings, and fears and we are always learning from our ups and downs, sad and happy moments, wins and losses.

I understand that I have never been a perfect person and will never be one, but the thing that makes me different from others is that I am trying to come close. I have always tried to catch every opportunity to learn something new just to be able to see how it feels like and that is why once I went for volunteering experience.

Now I feel that I might have not been generous, kind, or helpful enough before, because that job has changed my entire life. I understood what it means to be cold, sick, hungry, and homeless.

Every Saturday I woke up at seven to get to the homeless shelter on time and maybe that was the first time I really felt like a grown man.

I learned how to sacrifice my own wishes and needs for other people’s sake. I saw people who were standing in front of the entrance door, hoping that somebody could do something for them and that was the moment when I chose my life creed: to make the world a better place to live. I would work hard every day for the rest of my life, because I want to live in the world where everybody’s life matters.

There in the shelter I decided to talk to the homeless.

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We discussed the difficulties they had to face in their life. I encouraged them to do something to change their life and to start believing in themselves. At that time I felt myself a leader. It was not really difficult to talk to the homeless; the biggest problem was to make myself confident in what I said. For this and other millions of reasons, I felt I had done a perfect job that was actually expected from me.

I saw people who had already lost their hope and all they did was trying to survive. They were all alike. They couldn’t find a solution. And they do not feel that everyone in the world has a special place. It all made me feel like I want to jump higher, do more, shout louder, do my best in every situation because I know the value of life.

The volunteering work showed me that you don’t always have to have a financial reward for the things you do, sometimes it is better to know that you make life easier, not only yours, but the lives of many people whom you were able to help. I became more self-confident. I can understand people’s feelings now and figure out what they are hoping for. I hope I am a better person with this experience and being a better person is my ultimate goal in life. I am grateful for every moment I had whether it was pleasant or tough, because it is my experience, my feelings, and what my personality is made of.

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