Creating a Solid Business Plan

If I was hired as a digital evidence analyzer for a law firm, making the decision of what software and equipment were necessary would be crucial. It would be important to come up with a solid business plan that would be sure to get approved by the company I would hate to disappoint my possible employer before even being hired. This would be my first opportunity to show my organization and understanding of the business. To begin, I would come up with a solid budget for proper Supplies digital analysis is not necessarily cheap, but certain tools/software can be omitted to save a bit of money if necessary.

It would be important to obtain bills from the past company to see how much the company was charging them.

It could be a good idea to mention the amount of money the company will be saving by having an in-house analyzer. I would also need to budget the various software and hardware that would be necessary.

If the proper hardware is not ran, then the software will have no chance of running properly I would then determine the tools necessary to work. Such as a desktop, field-kit, hard drive duplicator, etc I feel it would be best to write a list of pros and cons of each tool and allow the employer to decide what they feel is necessary. My next plan of action would be to work on the security of the new tools, software, and hardware Since all of this can get quite pricey, it is important that I demonstrate my knowledge of proper security.

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There would need to be innovative locks and safes to ensure I would implement a disaster recovery plan just in case anything awful happened. Preventative measures are most important, but it is also crucial to know what to do in case of an emergency. Finally, I would create a master plan of my duties, processes, and procedures I want the employer to know that I am knowledgeable, organized, and detail-oriented It is important for the employer to realize all that I could provide more for the company in a more timely manner than the prior outside company had I would also create a well-written, easy to understand the procedure for using the in—house laboratory for analyzing. It is important to keep the lab clean and the employees safe. Overall, I would just want the employer to believe I was an honest, caring, worthy employee that is willing to go above and beyond to achieve the best results possible. Hopefully my detailed business plan would be the first step in the right direction.

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