Country Music Is Always Full of Energy

On Friday, October 5th I attended a County style concert at Shoreline Amphitheater with a few friends featuring Dierks Bentley, Brothers Osborne, and LANCO. I chose a country concert because it’s really my genre of music so I thought it would be best for me to attend something that really had my interest so it’d be easier to write about. Dierks Bentley really wasn’t the act I was going to see, but it really added to the experience.

Brothers Osborne and LANCO both have the same kind of style country music and I feel like Dierks Bentley is a whole different style, but they worked well together and it was very enjoyable. Although it was a country concert, all of the artists are more like “Country Pop” because they have that country feel and lyrics but their songs aren’t like the older versions of country singers such as George Strait and John Michael Montgomery, but they still fall under the “country” genre.

I did not see any cultural implications related to our class just because these artists are so new that they don’t really have anything that relates back to country when it first started in the 1800s.

Dierks Bentley was the main act of this concert performance, as I already stated above he’s not my favorite but he made this concert enjoyable. He really has his own style of country music and has stayed away from the Hip Hop/ Pop version of country that a lot of the other country musicians tend to use.

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He is very classical and normally has simple chord progressions. I think Dierks Bentley would be more of a homophonic singer, he combines his voice with either just a guitar and sometimes with both a guitar and drums.

During his concerts he creates a very polyphonic texture by using many various instruments to get the crowd more involved and excited to be there. Bentleys music tends to have a little bit of a rock n roll vibe to it but he doesn’t stray away from the classical country vibe either. Also, he has created a bit of his own sound by mixing those two together. At his concert he played many different songs but blended them well, he played his song “Different for Girls’ then easily transitioned into one of his newer songs “Burning Man” which has a much higher BPM than different for girls. They made the transition from the lower BPM song to the higher one very smoothly by raising the tempo and quickly changing the rhythm to the next song. He played a lot of songs but two that really stood out to me were “Burning Man” and “Woman, Amen” and how the harmony, rhythm and sounds of these songs really mixed well.

His new song “Burning Man” used a driving bass drum and was paired with a dark acoustic guitar which gave the track some heavy energy from the start. The drums become more complex as the song continues and adds an electric guitar during the chorus (also a decent solo by John Osborne of brothers Osborne). For most of the track it has a simple guitar/drum combo, because that’s his style, for the energy. The vocals of this song could really only be pulled off by Dierks Bently himself because it requires a great amount of charisma to make this role believable to the crowd, and TJ Osbornes vocals contributed to this song well. Bentley has mastered the art of the uptempo, energetic country tracks.

One of his older tracks “Woman, Amen” starts with a driving beat of drums to give the song energy and the guitar tones to fit the tempo and add to the sound. This song was polyphonic, had major tonalities because it starts in C major. The melody is simple, staccato with small intervals. This song is very catchy and uplifting too. The rhythm of the song I thought would be a four beat song because the song doesn’t speed up or slow down it keeps a consistent rhythm the entire song.

The other artists that performed were LANCO and Brothers Osborne. LANCO was the opening act for the concert and the first song they sang was their number one hit “Born to Love You”. It first starts off at a slow beat but then it picks up the rhythm right away for an uplifting mood. They used a whole different kind of style for this song than they did for the others that they normally sing. The song starts with a fuzzy, echoing filter that covers every instrument, giving the song a retro feel. The eclectic instrument choices give the song an old-school feel: The track opens with a sitar-esque swell, fills time between verses with a vibraphone and a higher-pitched string instrument, and backs the mix with a rhythmic guitar and driving bass/snare drum.

The only modern-sounding instrument here is a bright electric guitar that provides an intro solo and some general atmosphere. The mix of the instruments does a nice job of building energy and momentum throughout the song.

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