Cost Management of Teaching Employees in Organizations

The whole burden of ensuring effective and efficient cost schemes and budgetary control in processes such as; fabrication, design, construction, and installation is left to the engineers. It is critical to instill engineers with the relevant skills and knowledge to ensure that they can efficiently estimate and control the cost incurred at every phase. According to Balasubramanian, Wilson &Cios, (2006) employment of scaffolding, articulation, action research application, and use of cognitive models (both apprenticeship and non-apprenticeship) in teaching, the art of cost schemes and budgetary control can easily be mastered.

Through these methods of teaching, learners are equipped with the knowledge of designs and types of designs in the construction industry.

The types of cost estimates, the tools, and the methods used to create estimates can then be made known to the learner.

Introducing the learners to quantity take-offs, deep foundations, and the use of cutoff and fill software is also critical. According to Hansen, Mowen& Guan, (2007), the learners should then be introduced to pricing which refers to the process of evaluating the cost of labor and equipment Building estimates by illustrating how to do it and its use in various areas such as schematic design are necessary One can then impart the knowledge of procurement, its stages in construction projects and the involvement of a cost estimator as well as Post contracts to the learner.

It is also critical to introduce the learners to construction cost control methods and the various work segments encompassed in a project. Earned value methods, close-out periods and punch-list review, project cash flows, technology and trends in cost estimation and control, cost estimating for large programs and lean in cost control should also be taught.

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Fundamentally, the learners should be equipped with this knowledge to ensure that the cost incurred in projects does not lead to enormous unnecessary costs. It can only be done through teaching the relevant topics and allowing the learners to do practice of what they have learned thus gaining the capability and mastery of working on real projects.

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