Corruption by Don Winslow Review

None bright spot begrudge us, one of the Kings among contemporary thriller writers, in his latest novel. About five hundred pages, he dissects the US social system and finds nothing but thoroughly corrupted and criminal existences. At the center of a “Hero-cop” is in the elite force of the NYPD, but clean is not even the. It was Denny Malone, the protagonist, but “always a good cop.” He “loved crappy New York” that. However, when it assigns to eighteen passionately dedicated years of service, he must realize that the “rotten place in the soul of this city” can be found at the top of the centers of power and the Korruptesten like never before are secure in the saddle.

True, he has now even caught in the clutches of evil.

Slowly he is hineingeschliddert into the trap: only one spendierter coffee, then an invitation to the restaurant, once a sponsored brothel visit, here a little dope, there a hundred-dollar bill until he eventually crossed “a red line”, a ” dirty cop “had become and will have to pay a price for it.

But Malone is not one to give up without a fight. In the dramatic final scene of the novel, he confronts those who have the primary responsibility, but her escape and never have to justify. In a penthouse, the whole gang is assembled to judge him – representatives of the FBI, the judiciary, politics and real estate sharks. For years he has been at their service. The details of the “dirty work” in which he often risked his life have the reigns, however, never been interested.

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Whether it impressed his opponents, he now holds up the mirror? One hand washes the other, and all are involved in some crooked way for them to set the course, make appropriate judgments or simply look away when laundered money, drugs trade, weapons sold properties are to be built in slums at the best price. Until it comes to this showdown, we accompany Malone in his daily work. It is one of 38,000 New York City cops; But are he and his teammates Russo, Billy O and Big Monty to the “best of the best”. They are “highly decorated professionals” who break the special forces in the diffizilen centers of northern Manhattan, the rule of the drug gangs and are mutually hating ethnic groups and rival factions to ensure peace between.

Supported by undercover working detectives paid junkies and civilian spies knows the troops every street, every building, every clan, every mafia boss and attacks mercilessly and heavy-through. The peak of their success reached the four Men with the spectacular storming of a heroin laboratories, where they fall an amazing amount of drugs in his hands. Politics and the media celebrate the heroes and their (hard-earned) victory. But Malone, revered as the “King of Kings”, has made a mistake …

Such uncompromising life can only lead who fully devotes itself to him. Although Malone is married and has two children, secretly a mistress, dark-skinned and drug addict. But his teammates are closer to him. “For them, he would sacrifice his life.” If a die of them in use, it have the cops promised each other, the other for his survivors will provide. This solidarity in mind, they have dutifully delivered fifty kilograms of heroin in the evidence room, not to mention the twenty other kg, they stash with a bunch of money to finance in times of need children’s education or medical treatments or even lubricate spies or to hire a shyster useful.

Unimaginable for the sworn comrade that precisely Malone, their genius and team boss, falls into the clutches of the FBI and “rat” is. But an overambitious federal prosecutor has an observation video against him in the hand. Either he takes out and called names of cops and judges who lubricate, or he walks into prison for years.

It goes without saying that the sympathies of the author (and the reader) Malone belong. That he broke a roughneck, his character, some act is questionable, his appreciation does not diminish. “If the world would also meet he needs,” this is the very simple justification for a man who, armed to the teeth, do not hesitate to shoot at people. This fits into the worldview of many Americans and to the genre, but a bit more depth and differentiation would not have hurt.

Otherwise, Don Winslow’s “Corruption” ( ” The Force < As the noose of the prosecutor ever closer to Malone’s neck slowly sets ” as it winds its way to the end, not to become a “rat”, and were repeatedly negotiate new deals while chasing the heads of the syndicates, which tells the author rapidly and refined and not to intersperse without an occasional pinch süffisanter irony. Don Winslow is a true professional of the thriller profession. His colleagues in Hollywood just need access. Winslow has delivered them a cinematic template.

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