Corruption And The Roots Of It

The roots f corruption can not only be seen and felt in the public sector but also in the private sector, as well as in tertiary sectors also. By the use of the word “corruption” one does not simply imply the false-hood and ill manners adopted to get by easily, but it also entails the corrupted mindset of the common man. Right from an auto-rickshaw driver to the Prime Minister’s office, the mills are churning on the wheels of corruption.

What is corruption?

Is it Just a simple practice of taking money in the form of bribe for work that would otherwise have been done free of cost or is it the usage f law or poor quality raw material in the building of the infrastructural requisites? What all does this word incorporate? Corruption is nothing but the mind-set that things can be done in a manner other than what is already stated for it. The corrupt mind definitely thinks off the gloomy track, but the path so taken is often full of mall- practices that harm the individual as well as the society as a whole.

The initial seeds of corruption are sown into our brains right from the moment we are made to leave he safe and sound boundaries of our houses to go into a different world that is waiting to grope upon us in every possible manner. Our parents tell us to be sharp, to think crisply, not to open-up in front of stranger for the fear of being harmed at our behest; but during that process they forget that they are injecting not only a few remedial measures into an innocent brain but also fears that have strings attached.

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We are exposed to a lot from a very tender age.

Voyeurism, misogamy, patriarchy are all so deeply rooted in our societies that we tend to sway from the natural path. Juveniles, adolescents, teenagers are not taken as seriously, neither at their homes nor in schools, ergo the rise in case of Juveniles indulging into illicit affairs. Majority of the mass fails to provide the basics to their children and family and hence, they take to different mall-practices that induce young minds, hence rendering them corrupt. The government today is not the only body responsible for the wide spread epidemic of corruption in our country. Let’s roll the reel back to the time when the British ruled I. . Woo hundred years back, who were their servants while they ran the East India Company here? They were amongst us. Also who were their secret informers who gave them information about the plotting being made by Begat Sings and Raja Guru? Why did these people go out of their way to impart crucial information to the rulers? The answers are implicit. Corruption has ever since been a way of thinking, a thought process that cannot, for apparent reasons, be done away with wholly but by means of introduction of radical improvisations of the current Achaeans in most of the fields, it can be done to cut down by a reasonable margin. Sat loopholes that are taken advantage of, by a great number of people sitting at the top of the hierarchy of the various organizations. And it is absolutely frivolous to believe that it is only the biggies who are corrupt, the common man is Just as corrupt, not lagging far behind. From not taking a ticket in a crowded bus to taking extra polygamy from the grocery shop, all form the long and short of the spate that corruption is.

A more stringent work mechanism, closely monitored sets of reoccurred and a speedy and effective punitive system for remedies to those affected would surely be helpful in curbing the rate at which these mall-practices are sporadically prevalent. And what more than a little more sense of individual responsibility in each one of us to keep the environment clean, to save water etc. These would all together contribute to the bigger cause of dilution of corruption. As they say “charity begins from home”, so let all pledge for a better society by doing our part honestly and vehemently.

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