corey taylorSGT ARMY Reserve 991st Transportation1835 Jake

The following sample essay on corey taylorSGT ARMY Reserve 991st Transportation1835 Jake I have been tasked today with a complex mission. This mission is to delve into the idea of how to change a mindset of a culture that is influenced from a vast array of informational outlets that contradict a clear statement. First let’s start by defining both Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault. By DoDD 1350.2, Glossary; AR 600-20, para 7-4a. defines sexual harassment as a form of sexual discrimination that involves unwanted sexual conduct and advances.

These can cause a hostile working environment, cause to hinder advancement, possibility to lose one’s job, or any other discrimination that makes it hard for one to just be themselves at work in an professional environment. NOTE: workplace can mean much more for a solider whom may have to work in a 24 hour environment with her, or his attacker. ( DoDD AR 600-20 pg. 69 para 7-4) Sexual Assault on the other had is seen as an aggressive act towards the victim by force, threat, intimidation, or abuse where the victim has not given consent or cannot give it to their attacker.

DoDD 6495.01, Glossary Jan.2015

Given this information and being asked to sit-in on many of PowerPoint shows on what the army is doing as a whole to fix this I am at a loss on if this can be fixed in my life-time. I think that the service is a great chance to stem what could be very dire in the system.

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It highlights programs that can come into play for those that come forward and for punishments to be doled out to those whom break its rules. With 26,000 women coming out in 2016 to file claim of abuse, only 350 perpetrators where prosecuted. There are recent rises in men coming forward with charges from harassment to assault that were recently lost in the cracks. We really don’t have an idea of the true scope of this problem. The guidelines handed out and the programs that like AR 600-20 are a step in the right direction. I would reach out to private contractors to assist in the punitive, and investigation portion of this problem. Take it out of the hands of people close to the problem. Let the victims know that we as an agency will be looking to help them out and not just a revolving door for those who prey on others and get away with it. As I stated before we have a system that is great on paper to helping people. I know that the chain of command that is in units want to help to the fullest with whatever they can do that will assist their soldiers.

I just think from all of the reading I have done on this topic to submit this, that it is hard to find help that means enough. Reporting these issues is extremely hard to family let alone a stranger where the same uniform and in the same area of their would-be attacker. Just like first impressions can cost you talking to the wrong person after an attack can paint you as an accomplice.

It will take time to get to where you want to be with troops. You can never know what will bring that one person around to truly trusting in you and your capabilities to lead, be led, and to have their best intentions in mind. You can hope the best you is the one that everyone see. I will try to be everything for those that I serve and those you believe in me. I just hope that is good enough.

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corey taylorSGT ARMY Reserve 991st Transportation1835 Jake
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