Cooking a meal for someone whether it be a family member significant

Cooking a meal for someone whether it be a family member, significant other or friend can be the most personal and intimate thing you can do. Chew has been a key role in showing me that by cooking a meal for someone or simply eating with someone because of food you’ll feel more connected. I will discuss the theme of the relationship between our appetite and family. I will support my theme by using Tony Chus and Emilia Mintz appetite shown in the graphic novel Chew.

I will also explore my research question and responding it by cooking shrimp alfredo for my three younger brothers. I will also include the ingredients to successfully create shrimp alfredo.

One of the primary themes from Chew that I found was the relationship between our appetite and family. I will prove by rhetorically analyzing Tony’s Chu and Emilia Mintz Appetite. In the graphic novel Chew Tony and Emilia are shown to be picky eaters which isolates them from the rest of everyone else.

Tony is a picky eater and Emelia is a food critic which causes them to connect because Emilia has the power to write about food causing Tony to taste what she writes . The theme that I found from chew made me curious about the question how does our appetite affect our relationship between our family? I explored it by cooking shrimp alfredo for my three younger siblings.

The rhetorical analysis of the theme that I found from the book chew is Tony Chu is shown in the novel that he is a very picky eater.

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In chapter one in the panel where the novel is introducing who Tony Chu is and how he is almost always hungry but he never eats. One of the panel is describing how Tony Chu is Cibopathic, meaning he can imagine the history of what he has eaten. He is shown taking a bite into an apple He only eats beets because it’s strangely the only food that he can eat and not get a physic sensation feeling from. In the graphic novel Tony usually eats alone, In the panel in chapter two he goes into a restaurant in which the owner tells him its closed, although he might not went into the restaurant to eat sushi it shows that he usually eats alone. In another panel Tony is in a grocery store and the cashier asked him “Anything else, sir?” and Tony said “Just the beets. Please.” This goes to show that tony has a certain preprence of food that he only eats.

Emilia Mintz can also make her picky because she gets paid to eat and then write about what she has eaten. In the panel on chapter three it shows Emilia writing about the restaurants and it says that in the last few months she’s only written about restaurants that get a D rating.

Based on the above theme from chew I am interested in exploring the question, Does our appetite affect our relationship between our family? I respond to it by cooking shrimp alfredo for my three younger brothers. I Cooked shrimp alfredo for my brothers this past weekend, I usually take care of my brothers when my mother is out running errands and since feeding them is not new to me i know that my brothers are picky eaters. They are also very impatient and I thought by cooking this meal would be something that can be done quick and easy. In the graphic novel chew written by John Layman, Tony is shown to be a picky eater by only choosing what he wants to eat and by being a picky eater isolates him for everyone else. The relationship between my brothers and I brings us closer because they are a picky eaters because because by them being picky it helps me to know how to cater to them and it shows them that I care.

In order to cook shrimp alfredo you need to gather your ingredients. You will need Fettuccine pasta. The pasta that I got from Northgate Gonzalez Market is the Barilla Fettuccine pasta. The barilla pasta is sold in the united states but is made in italy. You will need one half of pounds of raw shrimp and i asked for the shrimp to be peeled, deveined and the tails removed. The shrimp that I purchased were manufactured from mexico with no specific brand. Next, after you will need the ingredients to make your alfredo sauce which includes two tablespoons of unsalted butter, the brand that I used was country crock. Country crock is a food brand owned by upfield Next, you will need one clove of garlic and the brand that I used called MONOVISO, which includes three garlic cloves. The brand MONOVISO its the product of christopher ranch which is manufactured in Bloomfield Ave Gilroy CA. I grated the garlic but it’s your preference on weather to crush it or grate it. I then put four ounces of cream cheese and I used the brand Kraft Philadelphia. Kraft Philadelphia is made in New york city. Your then going to need 1 cup of parmesan shredded cheese. One fourth of teaspoon salt, one-eighth of teaspoon pepper and lastly one- eighth teaspoon ground nutmeg.

Food connects us with people, our memories and past. Cooking with or for someone brings us together because we are able to show one another that we are invested into the relationships that we have created with one another. No matter what our roots our we’ll always find a way to connect with one another by food. -p

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