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Contrast Essay Essay

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Jerrivel Rodriguez

English 110/Sect.4

Fall Semester

December 18, 2018

The day and life of a person are surrounding by technology, this applies to all field such as job, school studies, entertainment, transportation, and human safety. Sometimes humans abuse of technology and don’t use it in a positive way. In “Alone Together” by Sherry Turkle, shows that people feel more comfortable sharing their feelings throughout machines, such as ELIZA program that keep a conversation and give responses that might make that person feel must better. When children play with Tamagotchis and Furbies, they are getting ready for future life, because those toys or machines need attention and care as a real baby. In “Little Lost Robot” by Isaac Asimov, shows that when humans built robots too intelligent, they can take over humans and limit in some activities that humans need to perform, but in another view, they protect human to be harm by anything. Robots protect humans base on three laws programmed on their brain, which the First Law is where robots may not harm a human or no allow a human being to come harm. Many people argue that this law has to be modified to no robot may harm a human without protecting a human just is they want.

When people feel bad about something and need to share their thoughts to anybody, they talk with a program named ELIZA that basically converse with that person about the problem. According to Turkle, “ Faced with a program that makes the smallest gesture suggesting it cam empathize, people want to say something true. Most commonly they begin with ‘How are you today?’ or ‘Hello’. But four or five interchanges later, many are on to ‘My girlfriend left me’ ‘I am worried that I might fail organic chemistry’ or ‘My sister died” (458). This show how deep people get into ELIZA, sometimes people are very shy sharing their own problems with another person, so they prefer to converse with ELIZA instead of a person because they know that machines never going to say anything about the conversation. In another way, Asimov says “When it was necessary for one of our men to expose himself for a short period to a moderate gamma field, on that would have no physiological effects, the nearest robot would dash into dragging him out. If the field were exceedingly weak, it would succeed, and work could not continue till all robots were cleared our” (79). Robots know that gamma field is very dangerous for humans, they act as they were programmed, even though humans use the proper protection to avoid be harm by gamma field, robots don’t realize that they just go to save the human, at the end robots delay humans work and at the same time protect humans to be harm by gamma field. Turkle state that, “Computers can help with diagnosis, be set up with programs for cognitive behavioral therapy, and provide information on alternative medication” (460). Although humans built those machines, they can more accurate when humans built them for one specific area, in this case, therapy and medication. Turkle and Asimov show the benefits that technology brings to humans and how humans take advantage of that, even though robots can limit humans in some areas such as performing an action that might be dangerous for a human.

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When humans develop some kind of technology, they have to develop it no better than the developer, so when is not in that way, that technology tends to control humans behave. Turkle in “Alone Together” says “Tamagotchis and Furbies did not want to play tic-tac-toe, but they would tell you if they were hungry or unhappy. A Furby held upside down says, ‘Me scared’ and whimpers at though it means it, and their new objects found the way to express their love” (464). It is a good idea to start teaching children the responsibility that they will hand, and what is the correct way to do it. So Tamagotchis and Furbies express their actual mood, children have to figurate out what kind of treatment they need to perform. For example, if the Tamagotchi or Furby is hungry, the children need to provide food, or if the Tamagotchi or Furby is anger, children need to something fun to be able to change the mood. In “Little Lost Robot” people argue that the First Law of robot needs to be modified because Asimov says “The only defense the government has had against the fundamentalist radicals in the matter was the fact that robots are always built with an unbearable First Law, which makes it impossible for them to harm human beings under any circumstances” (Asimov 79). Sometimes humans do bad things that need to be charged by the government, according to the First Law of the robot, they never ever let a human be harm, so they just try to save the human no matter what that human did. In this case, the government is limited to punishing a person who did something wrong or someone who harmed another person. In this case, Asimov shows the cons of built technology better than humans, but Turkle shows the pros of developing technology that might help to develop certain skills for future life.

In conclusion, Turkle basically is saying that technology in relation with humans is helpful when people try to distress themselves when they face a bad situation by sharing with another person, but some people feel shy to do that because they think that person might tell to another person instead of keeping it in secret. Also, when children are growing up, they start thinking about form a family, with Tamagotchis and Furbies they basically develop enough skills to hand a real baby. The reason why of that is because Tamagotchis and Furbies need attention and care as a real baby, so have an idea of that work. Asimov is saying that when robots are too intelligent, they can limit humans in some areas, and that is because the First Law does not let a human get harmed by anybody or by something that might put human safety in danger. Because of the First Law, the government has problems when they have to charge people when they do something against the government law. In some cases, it is a good idea to be protected when a person is in a real situation of life or death.

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