Contraceptives To Prevent Pregnancy

The following example essay on “Contraceptives To Prevent Pregnancy” talks about preventing pregnancy with mechanical, chemical and other contraceptives and methods.

Birth control is a method that has been used by humans for many years to prevent pregnancy from happening. This method has come a long way before the birth control pill even came out, which it has more than a dozen procedures to choose from. The most common type would be condoms and birth control pills.

Typically, men would tend to use condoms and women would use birth control pills.

Each technique has its own pros and cons, but none of them can be 100% safe, except for abstinence, which is not having any form of sexual intercourse at all. No sex at all is the only effective of birth control to be at 100%. In the past years the number of unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases has grown rapidly, so people must take precautions when having sex.

Many of these diseases are also more present throughout our society, and it is important for people to be updated with the newest information.

A condom is a barrier method commonly used during sexual intercourse to reduce the probability of pregnancy. Condoms are very cheap, easy to use, have few to no side effects, and offer protection against AIDs, HIVs, and sexually transmitted diseases. Theyre made of latex, plastic, or natural sheaths, and look like long, thin, deflated balloons. Male condoms stop body fluids from mixing during intercourse, and when they are used correctly, they are effective about almost 100% of the time.

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Though some people may have allergic reactions to latex, condoms are generally safe with no hormonal side-effects.

They can be easily found and purchased anywhere at local shops without seeking a healthcare provider first. The disadvantages of condoms are that latex condoms may cause itching and burning for a few people who are allergic to latex and lubricants. The possibility of a condom slipping off during sex is really low, but chances are that they can still happen. Many people are also too uncomfortable to buy condoms from the store or even too embarrassed to use or ask a partner to use condoms. Some will state that they don’t feel good or that it doesn’t give them the satisfaction they need because they prefer bare skin over the latex.

Birth control pills provide highly reliable contraceptive protection, exceeding 99%. Many people who are against abortions support the use of birth control pills because they help decrease the number of abortions and they would rather have the sperm die off before it becomes a human child. Birth control helps women from terminating pregnancies and going through the abortion process, which can significantly reduce the number of abortions every year. It can also improve marital relations, maternal and child health, and family welfare in the future because not everyone can support one extra child in the family. Even though a woman may misuse the pills, the effectiveness of the birth control pills can still prevent pregnancy.

Birth control pills can cause menstrual cycles to occur regularly and predictably and can improve acne as well. Sometimes birth control pills can be prescribed to those who have moderate to severe acne because medications aren’t strong enough to fight it off. The disadvantages of birth control pills are that women taking it will usually have a small increase in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Women will begin to have frequent headaches and can get worse for those who already have recurrent headaches. Women who have specific health conditions, including some types of diabetes, liver disease should be advised not to take it because it may lead to new symptoms and interfere with their other prescriptions. Another fact is that the pill is more expensive than condoms.

The diaphragm and the cervical cap are slightly less popular than the birth control pills and condoms, but they are both effective. The diaphragm is a rubber disk that is implanted into the vagina and covers the cervix. It blocks the semen from entering the cervix and has a higher success rate when used in combination with spermicide. The diaphragms are always effective whenever they are used correctly, it. The only way to get a diaphragm is by a prescription from a doctor.

The disadvantages and health risks of a diaphragm is that the frequent usage of it increases the risk of urinary tract infections. The diaphragm must be inserted correctly or else it can slip out of place during sex, which can lead to pregnancy. If the diaphragm is still inserted in the vagina for more than 48 hours the chances of developing Toxic Shock Syndrome is very likely. The cervical cap is made of a soft rubber that the user fills the cap up with spermicide, then places it on the woman’s cervix. Suctions are provided to keep the cap in place. The caps come in four sizes, and, like diaphragms, are only available by prescription.

The cap can be place on the cervix for about an hour before sex and can work for about 48 hours. The cervical cap can help prevent messy sex during menstruation and is highly effective in preventing pregnancies. The disadvantages of the cervical cap is that the cap can increase the risk of inflammation of the surface of the cervix and can also increase the risk of developing Toxic Shock Syndrome.

If the cap also is improperly inserted, it can slip out of position during sex, where the sperm can slide through and enter the uterus. The latex can cause irritation or an allergic reaction, so women must ask a doctor before they use it. Women must purchase a new fitting after having a baby, a miscarriage, an abortion, or gaining fifteen pounds because of their change in size. It is also recommended that women replace their cap every year.

Abstinence is the best method to choose to prevent STDs and pregnancies because people need to wait until theyre ready for a sexual relationship, focus on school, career, or extracurricular activities. Many sexual relationships present risks, abstinence is a very effective way to postpone taking those risks. People are only ready for sex until they are able to handle their hormones.

The only disadvantage to abstinence people may find it hard to abstain for a long time and may end their period of abstinence without being prepared to protect themselves against pregnancy or infection. This is where their consciousness comes into play because it is up to their choice to make that decision whether they want to have fun now and face the consequences or play it smart and find another way to be happy. There is often peer pressure from the partner or friends, but it is up to the person to avoid that decision because many will find it hard to control themselves.

In the end, the best protection and the only guarantee is abstinence. Abstinence helps the person understand his/her significant other without the complications of sex. Once a couple knows each other really well and wants to have sex, then they should suggest using birth control pills, condoms, diaphragms, cervical caps or any other safety devices because they all provide barriers to help couples for safer sex.

If people cant simply afford any of the birth control devices, then they should just simply be abstinent. No treatment method is greater than abstinence. It doesnt take a genius to know the benefits of abstinence, but people must consider carefully about the consequences before they have sex. Everyone is responsible for their choices and birth control is always an option.

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