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Question 1

Question 1.1

A brand can be defined as the personality of a business (Dib, 2019). Dove can be defined as a brand, as it is a business with clear goals and ideals which shape the public’s perception towards it. The way Dove approaches the marketing of its products and its presence in the market holds a value beyond that of the actual product marketed.

The way consumers perceive the business and the idea the consumers have of the image of a specific business is called brand perception (Bain, 2018). Dove, like all other successful business, has built a specific idea around their business, and is the first thing that comes to mind when speaking of their brand.

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Question 1.2

The current marketing era is called the social marketing era. The businesses’ main focus is that of being socially interactive with consumers in real time 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This is means the costumer dictates interaction as much as the business (Faudree, 2016).

Dove has definitely evolved to this era of marketing. For example, Dove has launched their interactive tweet campaign, in which they Tweeted a question a day and streamed answers in real-time on a train station’s screens (Baker, 2012). Dove has also, as part of their Real Beauty Pledge campaign, stated that – due to consumers losing faith in digital advertisements – they will no longer edit advertisement pictures in order to represent ‘true beauty’ and not accentuated or unrealistic beauty (Simsek, 2018).

In addition to posting content daily on their social media accounts, Dove also recently joined forces with Girlgaze and Getty Images in order to launch a new #ShowUs campaign on Twitter. The aim of this campaign is to create a library of stock pictures portraying women that shatter beauty stereotypes, with the goal of encouraging and welcoming uniqueness (Dove, 2019).

In conclusion, because of Dove’s extensive presence on social media and digital media in general, it can be stated that it is a brand which successfully evolved to the social marketing era and is always interacting with the market and its costumers.


Question 2

Question 2.1

Brand health refers to the importance a brand puts on developing a meaningful and genuine value for the market. This can refer to both being environmentally aware, socially aware, or economically aware: for example having a small environmental footprint, tackling social issues such as racism or abuse, or aiding the poor and those in difficult financial situations.

In today’s market, it is important to be a healthy brand in order to deliver a positive message and have a clean brand image. This is especially true with rising issues such as deforestation, climate change, pollution, and other environmental problems.

A healthy bread should be transparent and open to its consumers in order to remain undoubted. It should have a deeper meaning than the product or service it delivers, and should add value to the lives of people, hence not be superfluous.


Question 2.2

Dove has a particular meaning: Dove has a specific goal which is also stated on their website, and it is that of being a source of confidence other than anxiety. Everything Dove does and every marketing campaign they launch is clearly aimed to achieve their goal as a brand (Dove, 2019).

Dove is transparent: Dove has openly stated that its marketing is not aimed at fooling a buyer into buying a product with a false belief of how beneficial the product will actually be. Dove has stated that they will “make mistakes” but that they won’t abandon their goal (Fleming, 2018). Dove has set their belief in not editing women who appear in advertisements, in an attempt to build a relationship of trust between the brand and the public.

Dove encourages sustainable relationships: Dove states that it aims not only to create a better environment for the people of today, but a better environment for the future generations, where beauty isn’t stereotyped (Dove, 2019).


Question 2.3



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