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Contents1 Introduction 62 Company InfoBackground 63 Part Essay

Words: 976, Paragraphs: 42, Pages: 4

Paper type: Essay


1. Introduction 6

2. Company Info/Background 6

3. Part A – Introduction 10

3.1. Flying Hours (Before) 10

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3.2. Business Operation Costs (Before) 12

4. Part B –Introduction 14

4.1. Flying Hours (After) 14

4.2. Business Operation Costs – (After) 15

4.3. Additional Flight Crew Information 16

5. Profit Rationale 17

6. Regulatory Requirements 18

7. Fleet & Financing Information 19

8. Proposed Flight Plan – North And South 21

9. Conclusion 24

10. Appendices 25

11. Attachments 35

12. References 35

Executive Summary

Cambridge Charter Co. Pty Ltd (herein referred to as ‘CCC Pty. Ltd.’) is pleased to provide the Department of Fisheries (herein referred to as ‘The Department’) our response to the Departments recent Request for Proposals (RFP).

We understand from your brief that your office is seeking to engage a suitably experienced, qualified and licensed air charter company in the Hobart area to further an academic research program currently completed by Department Academic Research personnel. We understand the arrangement you are seeking secure will involve:

• The chartering of two (2) flights per month on separate days;

• Transporting two Department academic researches, along with approximately 40kg of equipment, along two pre-planned routes – Route 1* and Route 2*. Any proposal submitted for consideration is to include a detailed flight plan of both flights;

• Flights with durations of between 1 to 4 hours per flight, obviously dependent on weather conditions on the day as well as the Researchers flight requirements;

• Both flights are to include a return journey back to the airport or aerodrome of departure and this is to be via the most direct route.

Route 1 (North) Low altitude flying of approximately 1,500 – 2,000 ft. in elevation, encompassing the coastline tracking North/Northeast (NNE) of Hobart. Acquisition of data will commence just after takeoff from Cambridge Aerodrome and terminate at Swansea. At this time, the plane and passengers will return to Cambridge Aerodrome. Required monthly frequency of flight is once per month.

Route 2 (South) Low altitude flying of approximately 1,500 – 2,000 ft in elevation, encompassing the coastline tracking South/Southwest (SSW) of Hobart. Acquisition of data will commence just after takeoff from Cambridge Aerodrome and terminate at approximately the South-East Cape. At this time, the plane and passengers will return to Cambridge Aerodrome. Required monthly frequency of flight is once per month.

Our submission aims to highlight to the selection panel that CCC Pty. Ltd. is in an excellent position to provide the Department with the services it requires.

Our Tender is now submitted for your perusal and we look forward to being able to discuss this matter with you further in the near future.


1. Introduction

We were very excited to be selected to respond to the Department of Fisheries Request for Proposal with regards to providing twice monthly flights to two Department of Fisheries research personnel. Upon receiving the notification that the Department wished for us to supply a tender, we immedieatly got to work analying the present position of our business and how we would be able to successfully factor this in to our operations.

Below you will find our detailed response to many important items, including proposed costs as well as the meeting of regulatory requirements. Importantly you will also find our proposal for the best flight path which we recommend for the employees to take to be able to obtain best data collection.

We welcome any questions, clarification or feedback in relation to our tender. We also look forward to any future meeting in which we can get together and discuss the details of our tender face to face.

2. Company Info/Background

Company Name: Cambridge Charter Co. Pty. Ltd. (CCC Pty. Ltd.)

ABN: 12 236 142 587

Company Owner: Matthew Young

Company Director: Matthew Young

Chief Pilot: Matthew Young

Experience: 20 years in General Aviation in Tasmania

Flight Hours: 14,751* hours (9,261 flying Cessna 182)

*(as per Log Book entry dated 1 June 2017)

Cambridge Charter Co. Pty. Ltd. (CCC Pty. Ltd.) is a presently a small air charter company, which was established in July 2016 and is based at Cambridge Aerodrome in

Hobart, Tasmania. Whilst we are still a relatively young company, we have an exceptionally long and proud history in the General Aviation (GA) industry, including more than 20 years owning and operating a similar business which is based at Launceston Airport. This operation was however a larger operaiton due to the length of time it has been in operation.

Since CCC Pty. Ltd. is now fully functioning and, as such, we no longer participate in any management functions in Launceston operation. Instead, the future of this entity has been entrusted to close family members whom we trust implicitly to continue on with the management of this business. Putting this separation between the two businesses really allowed us to ensure that we were 100% focused on building the new business here in Hobart..

While official statistics in relation to growth of aviation services in Tasmania specifically are hard to come by, one source claims that several hundred Tasmanian residents commute interstate either on a daily or weekly basis for the purpose of their employment (Rimon, 2006). Considering the date of this source, we believe this figure would have somewhat increased by now. Whilst not from any official survey, as business owners within the Tasmanian general aviation space, a distinctive increase in spaces such as ‘tourism flights’ and ‘interstate business commuting’ has been noticed.

In 2015 the Tourism Department began a five-year long project termed ‘Access 2020’ (Government, 2015) in an effort to revitalise major sea ports and authorised landing areas within the State. It is hoped that modernising facilities at these locations would have further positive implications for tourism growth. The latest publication released by the Access 2020 Project suggest that this initiative is actually on track to be a success. In just under two years, upgrades worth $100 million have been completed at Hobart International Airport and, in the last year alone, an additional 177,000 domestic seats have been added to key routes between Hobart, Launceston, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Also in this previous two ye

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