Conspiracy Theory

As you can imagine, this terrified the people, adding more fear against the governments and in turn creating many conspiracy theories surrounding MkUltra. Is the government still doing Mk Ultra or anything like it in secret? These questions were daunting for the US citizens, they wanted to find any evidence of these once experiments, creating an unlimited amount of conspiracy theories. Well, one of the most common conspiracies pertains to a village in France. They had experienced a dangerous epidemic in 1951.

Luckily they didn’t suffer too many casualties, however, seven people did die during that time and a few hundred were sickened, It was so bad that the survivors were committed to insane asylums. Of course, the conspiracy theorists insisted that it was a test of both aerial sprayings of LSD and a foodborne toxin. It seemed it wasn’t part of Mk Ultra, it was just a case of a random fungus that was able to contaminate the food supply, which sounds creepy.

The fungus known as Ergot contamination of rye wheat causes convulsions, insomnia, pain, hallucination, and delirium. These symptoms might last hours or months. Considering that this happened two years before MKULTRA was funded and that the effects were identical to those expected from the known ergot contamination, no introduction of a conspiracy theory is needed to explain the event. Another event that showed the CIA in a bad light was the death of Frank Olson.

The organization didn’t keep its members safe either. Frank Olson was a hardworking scientist who worked for the said agency.

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During a CIA retreat, Olson drank a cocktail that had been secretly spiked without his knowledge. A few days later, Olson plunged to his death from the window of a New York City hotel room in an alleged suicide, dying on November 28, 1953. The family of Frank Olson didn’t stop at the first autopsy, so they decided for a second one to be performed in 1994. A forensics team found injuries on the body that had likely occurred before the fall. The findings of coursed sparked conspiracy theories that Olson might have been assassinated by the CIA. Though MK Ultra ended in 1973 many snitches have come forward stating that a classified program, another disgusting program called Monarch Mind Control (MMC) continued, which included many innocent children as horrible test subjects. MMC is noted as a mind-control type of thing, similar to Mk Ultra, basically the usual. Many believed that once fully programmed, monarch slaves are then used on demand by an elite group to carry out rituals, performances, deliver messages, etc. to achieve the desired outcome. Most if not all of the MKULTRA conspiracy theories are pretty vague about this situation. assertions that similar unethical research continues and that the CIA still experiments on innocent subjects. At some level, they almost certainly do. But logic dictates that one cannot take a specific conspiracy claim

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