Comparison of Modes Of Travel

Based on my understanding from the text, the main reason for travel is to visit family and friends, which is then followed by vacation purposes and business purposes. The travel modes I have chosen for this assignment are cars, which are also the most popular choice, planes are following and finally cruise ships. Travel by plane is obviously the fastest option, followed by the car and then cruise ship, which is not meant to be a fast option of transportation, it is meant for people to relax and be entertained while on the sea.

Air Fares are more expensive then travels by car and cruise ship, where at the ship; the traveler is traveling at the same time as enjoying the vacation. Under certain circumstances, taking a cruise to the destination of choice, to see family for example, could be a great choice, as we may travel, enjoy and reach our destination for a great price and comport versus travel by plane and car.

Travel by plane opens the world to us and presents limitless choices of destinations, where traveling by car is certainly limiting us, as well as will potentially even cost more, depending on from where to where we are traveling and how many nights we will spend at hotels and their rates. Cruises are also limited to the seas and immediate destinations near the shore – in case we wish to explore the country further, we need to find other means of transportation.

When traveling by car we may have the most say in choosing the route, as well as see many places while traveling.

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The cruise also provides these opportunities in a limited way and travel by plain is the most restricting. Depending on the situation, all modes of travel have their benefits and restrictions, so I chose based on what makes more sense at the time.

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Comparison of Modes Of Travel
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