Comparing the Similarities and Differences Between the Social Media Apps, Snapchat and Instagram

Snapchat and lnstagram are easily the two most popular apps available amongst people aged 18-24 in this day and age. When each app started, they were each very distinct apps with its own functions. Instagram was made for posting photos with a social media aspect similar to Facebook’s where there would be a timeline where everybody‘s most current posts. Would be on your immediate feed but there was an opportunity to go to individual pages to see the culmination of photos for every user, Snapchat was much different, and although also an app for photo posting, the purpose was more for sending immediate pictures lasting no longer than ten seconds to any number of individuals.

As time went on, the two competing apps started to take on characteristics of the other, partially due to customer misbehavior.

For Snapchat, consumers started wanting to create a more edited and filtered images, which was not possible for the in-the-moment nature of Snapchat.

In the beginning, the most users could do was draw and type a certain number of characters using the basic features of the Snapchat app, but as time went on, users dictated the direction the app was headed. Now there are wildly popular filters built into the app, the ability to post photos from your camera roll like any other form of social media, and the initial idea of Snapchat has all but disappeared due to customer misbehavior.

For Instagram, the popularity of Snapchat and the uses of Instagram from Generation Z really influenced the changes.

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For much of Generation Z, especially females (the most active users), Instagram is used for putting pictures up and then taking them down within a couple of hours or a day if the number of likes is not sufficient. So many individuals would post pictures and then take them down so quickly after that Instagram adopted some features of Snapchat, which is meant for putting up pictures that were not meant to last, Instagram now features “stories” just like for Snapchat and your images will expire after a day. Due to the misbehavior of users of both Snapchat and Instagram, the apps have both shifted to something quite far from their original purpose.

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