Compare & Contrast

First I will talk about Perennialism and how it determines the purpose of education through modifying education and less knowledge. Most students that graduate from high school are basically illiterate. When we look at Perennialism we notice that it is contemporary educational philosophy. Perennialism educational value is changeable. If I had to tell you which one would be easier to use when being a teacher I would say Perennialism. You are allowing students to engage in the process and figure out problem solving for themselves rather than disciplining the mind.

Next when we look at essentialism we notice that it is a Traditional Educational philosophies. Essentialism is looked at in an educational value is fixed. When looking at the two philosophies together you can tell that Essentialism is based more on the teacher controls instruction as to Perennialism is based on the teacher just simplifies or coaches the students through it. When we use Essentialism in teaching we are primary thinking and focusing on teaching, as Perennialism focus on active self-learning.

When we look at the metaphysics of essentialism it asks us, what can help an individual and what is relevant. Make it clear to your students on the main points that are relevant and how can you help your individuals. The epistemology is the truth from classic and modern science.

These two philosophies have some of the same things such as both philosophies aim to develop all students powers and moral qualities. They also involve classroom placed around teachers in order to achieve certain goals.

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As a soon to be teach both of these philosophies do not allow students experiences command what they teach.

I am going to talk about the Christian perspective of Essentialism. In a Christian perspective we look at essentialism being defined as essential Christianity. Meaning there are many aspects of Christian essentialism. The first one being Jesus, many ask who is Jesus, what has he done for us, why would he do that for our lives. They say the meekest way to get essentialism is make sure you comprehend the one thing in Gods perspective that is required in life, relationships, and business. The question we have to remember to ask ourselves is, “in everything I do, I will pursue God with my whole-heart, looking to do nothing else for fulfillment.”

We see essentialism as determine natural order of things. Its values exist in the best of culture. Essentialism is based off of the philosophical study called Axiology meaning values and aesthetics. I chose this philosophy because it makes more sense. Essentialism is defined as an effort to uncover the nature of art. Essentialism has values and virtues such as respect for authority, perseverance and many more to become model citizens.

Student: Being a student in this case there role is to be a great listener. While being a great listener they also get to learn at the same time. Students must also trust that their teacher knows what is best for them to be learning about.

Teacher: As being the teacher in this case our job is to be the expert. Leading our students to impart essential knowledge and understanding. We as teachers also need to direct focused tasks. Curriculum: Is basic information and skills with reading, writing, English, science, history, and language. Be able to understand the essential knowledge and skills in order succeed. This is based off of traditional disciplines as listed above. Student: acquire the understanding about the greatest ideas of western civilization. Teacher: As teachers we need to focus on the idea of everlasting. We as soon to be teachers want to seek out the truth. We want to teach the unchanging principles is very critical. Curriculum: The curriculum focuses on attaining cultural literacy, and stressing the student’s growth in enduring disciplines. When teaching the curriculum we hope that we can get our students to understand the view of all human beings retain the same essential nature.

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