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Topics: Generation Gap

Nowadays, there are so many ways to be an effective manager and to be a good one. I believe good communication is essential in management work for sure because if you want to manage the team firstly you need to communicate with others such as your colleague, officer or others. I also value the efficiency in the workplace and therefore inquire to manage myself and others by with the rules and regulations (Heathfield, 2018).

According to Hartman & McCambridge 2011, from the side view of stereotypical to millennials’ characteristic are technologically multitaskers, efficient of significant supplement to future’s organizations, lack in communication skills.

As this statement, I believe that most of millennials are lacking in communication skills both style-typing and style-flexing. Communication skills include problem solving, work with teammates and adapt to various audiences. And then, millennials are so addict on technology devices such as playing game and wasting their time too much on social media. For that reasons, they cannot communicate fluently not only with other person but also with their friends and family members.

Also, they cannot learn other cases to improve their skills cannot study or read other good books which can help their education and do not know anything that is happening in the world and their environments (Hartman & McCambridge 2011).

I think the explanation is correct by Schwartz, 2014, that the human nature is much more created than it is designed. The human nature was designed by the institutions within which people live and work. Nowadays, people feels monotonous, meaningless and soul-deadening while they are working their work because they just going to work to expect the salary not their life improvement not the challenge.

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Human are just acting demean and soulless to other just for only their benefit and wealth. The technology can be disappearing if it is false but the wrong ideas of the people cannot be disappearing if they think it is right. So that, people are designed around the institutions as they are lazy and do not do their work completely if they do not get incentivizing, by giving them any rewards (Schwartz, 2014).

Traditionalists are like to communicate respectfully, formally, professionally with others, to have loyalty to each other’s and like to talk clearly also directly. Baby boomers who was born in between 1946 and 1964 prefer to communicate informally with email and other social media not like the old ages and face to face talking with each other’s while have lunch breaks or coffee break. In work place, generation X appreciate to respond the shortest of communication and do not waste their time by talking non-sense such as joking and etc (Beekman 2011). Millennials are yet deficient in oral and written because they are so depending on the technology devices and overconfident and also think highly by their selves (Hartman & McCambridge 2011). Therefore, they are impatient and then want to success their goals quickly by doing the cases without preparing. They are also passion to crave them. If people want to communicate with them, they should say positively and fluently in conversation (Beekman 2011).

Due to the generation gap, there are so many problems between the four generations, nowadays. Therefore, each person cannot allow their habit while communicating with each other, also they need to understand each generation habit and need to respect each other. By research these differences types, we can break down communication barriers and from more effective teams that can work. The organization can be formed a more effective team that can be collaborated to break down through communication barriers. Different generations need to share their skills in workplace. So, they can improve their selves and also the organization will be growth (Madison 2016).

The manager makes satisfying by their selves in the work by communicating nicely with others during work time so that also they can happy and the team work will be more effective. When they are communicating with the team members they use the rewards and punishment rules with them and they need to know the gap between each generation so that it can make them to talk easier with others. Also knowing others’ habit can help them to make more convenience in the work (Brewer and Walker, 2012).


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