Communication campaign fight to erradicate hunger in primary

1.1.1 Identified organisation approached with a communication campaign

Reiger Park Primary School

Cnr. Petunia & Excelsior Street

Reiger Park


Telephone: 011 910 2060 /4770


E-mail: [email protected]

1.1.2 Letter to the Organisation (See appendix A)

1.1.3 Report on experience with regards to approaching the organisation

First contact was via telephone where I set up an interview time with Mr. West. The contact was very positive and he was supportive and understanding with the need for this campaign. Once at Reiger Park Primary School, I met with Mr.

Green who was also very helpful with fully answering all my questions about the organisation, as well as professional.

1.1.4 Organisations respond to the request

They were both very positive and looked forward to the finished communication campaign. Any information I need was fully provided through open communication channels.

1.1.5 Establishing a working relationship with the organisation

It was decided in the interview that all further communication would be done telephonically and via e-mails between either Mr. Green or Mr. West. As all questions were answered during the interview period, only the letters to and from the organisation, as required, were to be followed up on.

Please refer to APPENDIX A and C

1.1.6 Identify the communicator for the campaign

The communicators or Reiger Park Primary School are both Mr. Martin Green and Mr. Neal West on behalf of the entire organisation as Mr. Green is the principal and Mr. West is the feeding scheme co-ordinator and Mr. West oversees the entire running of the scheme.

1.2 Identify the target audience

1.2.1 Problem statement for the research

To establish financial support and raise awareness about feeding hungry learners in primary schools.

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1.2.2 Sub-problems

a) To raise awareness amongst potential sponsors in Boksburg who are business owners. It contributes to solving the main problem as the most of the business in Boksburg do not know about this scheme and cannot help without any previous knowledge of its needs.

b) To find out the potential business owners’ needs (in the Boksburg area) and communication expectations of the school-if willing to deal with Reiger Park Primary School.

This will help solve the main problem as when the businesses have all the information about the school, then further steps can be taken to ensure that all funding and support offered is used as desired.

c) To educate potential donors’ in the Boksburg area through the use of different medias about the Reiger Park Primary School. This will contribute positively due to increased awareness through a larger media coverage than previously, and inform the potential Boksburg donors about the organisation in its entirety.

1.2.3 Research questions

a) Research question 1

What is the current awareness of the Reiger Park Primary School feeding scheme, with Boksburg based business owners?

b) Research question 2

If willing to deal with the Reiger Park Primary Feeding scheme, what would the potential business owners needs’ be?

c) Research question 2

What media could be used to educate potential donors about Reiger Park Primary School’s feeding scheme?

1.2.4 Unit of analysis

Since the focus of the communication campaign is on business owners in the Boksburg are, the unit of analysis will be on these individuals, as they will be the receivers of the questionnaires.

1.2.5 Population(s)

The target population identified for this study is of various Boksburg based businesses, while the accessible population is only the business owners that agree to meet up to take the questionnaire.

1.2.6 Sampling procedures

Random sampling: questionnaires were sent out to various business owners via online methods, such as Facebook and e-mails, as well as telephonically through references given by employees, in a cross- sectional manner of industry.

1.2.7 Methodology and measuring instrument

Quantitative methodology is used as its more focused on the quantity of answers rather than the quality of the answers received. The measuring instrument used are questionnaires which answer specific question of the desired target audience that are easy to complete and non-confusing. Please see APPENDIX B for questionnaire.

1.2.8 Percentages of companies willing to support a non profit organisation: 5 of the 9 participants indicated willingness to consider supporting (if more information could be obtained), leaving a total of 35.7% willing.

Information heard:

The first person indicated that the information previously heard was abstract, while the others said that the information shared about the school sounded negative as children need so much still.

Preferred communication medium:

100% stated E-mail as their preferred communication medium.

Preferred communication medium

1.2.9 Audience segmentation

Demographics was provided for one question asked for the situation of the company, as the questionnaire was specifically aimed at the Boksburg area, yet provision was provided for other areas.

Another question was to find out whether or not the company would be willing to invest in Reiger Park Primary School, to know the percentages that the communication campaign should be aimed at, and what their specific needs would be for this to occur.

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