AI|Future is a creative solutions provider and  contemporary company keeping abreast for technological potential for development, founded in 1995-Chicago to give better innovative solutions that manage clients’ business information, and systems in a brilliant way.

Our basis business is focused on AI technology, we admit that business needs drive the technology industry, and that is the reason why we give a lot of attention to detail and provide solutions that meet our clients’ requirements and to reach their satisfaction.

Our vision is looking forward to delivering brilliant solutions for a creative and safe future.

Our mission is how to connect various critical sectors with Artificial Intelligence.

One of the priorities of AI|Future company is to reach and satisfy the demands of the currency by linking their field with the artificial intelligence.

AI|Future one of the best artificial intelligence companies, It have a professional and high level of efficient staff in artificial intelligence (The right person in the right position is our strategy) and for this we guarantee the best and highest grades quality of our work.

AI|Future have long experience in the AI field, especially the fields that we’re working on, here are some projects we’ve done for valuable customers:

Healthcare System that diagnoses patients.

Disaster Expectation.

Stock Market Analysis.

Smart Travel Application to help users where to go when it’s a limited trip budget.

Banking Project.

More projects are mentioned in our website: Audience

Cloud Service Providers.

Telecommunication Companies.

Investors and Consultants.

Research/Consultancy Firms.

Technology Solution Providers.

Safety & Security Providers.

The market of machine learning is gearing up with an accelerating pace from diagnosing disease to driving cars to stop crimes. With the growth of digital marketing industry which represents exciting one in it arenas, where machine learning is applied.

The AI report can be portioned into submarket, for example, by parts,  big business application, association estimate, and district. The parts of AI can be divided as programming instruments, Cloud and electronic Application Programming Interface (APIs) and others, for example, demonstrate validator, choice report, indicator, preparing, and report stockpiling.




Since the dawn of civilizations, humans have endeavored to be in control of their environments and surroundings. This quest resulted in many discoveries and inventions, most notably among them are machines. Human used machines as an aid to make one’s life comfortable, effective and efficient and aimed to develop machines capable of working like human beings, if possible. Computer is one of the most important machines which has not only raised hopes in this regard but has also contributed significantly in every sphere of human endeavor. Human approach to problem solving is one of its kinds. It is based on abstract thought, logic, reasoning and recognizing of pattern. Computers and humans are different. A computer is yet to understand all situations and simultaneously adapt to an evolving situations.

The military systems including weapons will be smart; too fast, too small, too many, and will create a complex environment for humans to monitor, control and direct them. Information-based systems will lead to a data overload that will make it a challenge for humans to directly intervene in decision making. Weapons and other military systems already under development will function at increasingly higher levels of complexity and responsibility, without meaningful human intervention and control.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a critical part of modern warfare. Compared with conventional systems, military systems equipped with AI are capable of handling larger volumes of data more efficiently. Additionally, AI improves self-control, self-regulation, and self-actuation of combat systems due to its inherent computing and decision-making capabilities.

Military systems equipped with AI are able of handling larger volumes of data more efficiently.

The artificial intelligence in military market has been segmented into

Information processing

warfare platform

threat monitoring

situational awareness

planning allocation

cyber security

logistics transportation

target recognition

battlefield healthcare

Simulation training

The artificial intelligence in military market is growing up from USD 6.26 billion in 2017 to USD 18.82 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 14.75% during the forecast period (MarketsAndMarkets ,2018)



In this project, we’re targeting:

Military Sector.

US Army.



The definition of commercialization is the process to show and introduce a product or service or technology for markets in to different ways. It is requirement for business to develop marketing plan and to exceed the revenue.

Questions need to be covered in our commercialization section:

“What is the product or service and its advantages over competitors?”

AI|Future doing AI on various sectors and can do any customization once any customer requests any update.


“Who will buy it and what are their needs?”

“What is your development and funding plan?”

“Do you have the experience and personnel to implement your plan?”



The Army Research Lab.

The Project Maven team.

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