The future is truly near. Americans are looking into cloning of both human and animals.. For a human it should cost roughly around $1.7 million. For animals it should cost anywhere from $10-$20,000. But it’s not so much about the price, It’s about the effects. Cloning is an all around unnatural and unethical process, therefore it should not be allowed.

This “cloning” business doesn’t just pertain to animals, it involves humans as well.

People supporting human cloning argue that it would be a useful option for couples who plan on

having children, however, are infertile or don’t want to pass down a genetic disease.

These options include Adoption and Artificial insemination. Not to mention a way safer and

probable chance. Cloning isn’t successful one hundred percent of the time and this could mean

many failed subjects, even when successfully created the clone can still have deficiencies from the


Living and Dying is essentially an inevitable process that no one can run from, that’s just how life naturally works.

Hypothetically speaking even if you had an exact physical replica of your loved one doesn’t bring them back. In fact this may throw off the coping process or worsen it. For example they might not have the same exact mind as your loved one would. This could be hard for you to handle because you’ll be remembering the way things were even harder. A couple speaks on their stance of cloning their pet and state “We’d Love to see our dog again but we would never clone it.

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It would be a complete betrayal of our unique relationship with that beautiful companion animal, to clone another animal from it.” (Carolyn Said 1).

As of right now we are individualists. Not one person is exactly the same not even twins.

This is the beauty of being unique. By cloning this would ruin that whole natural feeling and the

sense of being your own person. I also don’t think a clone would be too happy about finding out

that they’re just a copy of someone who used to exist.

They’d probably feel super hurt or angry that they aren’t thought of as their own person.

They’re still humans and you can’t expect them to be the exact same person who you want them to


People should not mess with natural processes because it’s just downright unnatural and if it was

meant to be that way it would already be that way.

We shouldn’t tamper with the beauty of uniqueness. Just as even the prettiest roses wither away

someday, so do we.

In conclusion cloning isn’t a need, it’s a sick waste of money. I mentioned how cloning goes

against the process

of natural life. I also mentioned how a successful clone with no deficiencies is rare. Lastly I

mentioned how in all seriousness it affects the gift of being different than everyone else. Bill Gates

once said “Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world…If you do so, you are insulting

Yourself. What this says is that being unique is a gift no one should ever take from us. Don’t take

that gift from your animals or your loved ones.

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