Cleo: How do I laugh again learned from Helen Brown Review

Topics: Human Nature

In this autobiographical novel, the author Helen Brown neuseelndische processes the painful experiences of her family after her neunjhriger son Sam died in a car accident. In literary form

drops After the accident, she describes the long phase of suffering and the path back to normality, she strides through with Steve, her husband, and her younger son Rob. Helen severe depression and cuts herself off from the outside world. When times because leaves the house, she tells everyone – even strangers – the accident of her son.

Good and serious complete sets like, “I’m sorry – sign up if I can help you,” they condemned as Platitden. “- not my and why did this child the right to live?”: Opposite children in Sam’s age she feels anger Only in retrospect she realizes in which she brought her embarrassment Opposite how unfair she thought. Alike suffer Steve and Rob, each in his own way. Steve runs back to his ship. Rob can not sleep alone in his room more.

At night it plaguing Albtrume, threaten him, the “Monster”. Even their dog Rata not behaves more normally.

Unexpectedly ringing Lena, an acquaintance, at the front door. She wants the Browns a tiny kitten give. Helen struggles with this offer; she wants take over where they do no responsibility – has ever failed and loaded complicity in the death of her Son, – supposedly. But Lena has a good instinct for the situation and puts the “intruder” in Rob’s hands. Whose eyes shining full of happiness, and he integrated “Cleo” welcome.

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But Helen is not aware annhernd; they can not get out of their skin and gives Lena still on the way that cats were never her thing. Once had peed in the shoes of one of her mother … and besides, they’ve already got a dog!

I read the impression loved. It is admirable and surprising to analyze how the author their own experiences under pressure from their heaviest loads psyche rckblickend to describe and can critically distances into perspective. After all, she was completely disturbed in dealing with their environment, other stie their direct style on the head. The dialogues are stimulating and sometimes downright entertaining, make above all concerned.

A symbolic function has Cleo, the eponymous cat child. When Helen saw the pathetic, disheveled creature with the hngenden skin flap before his eyes for the first time, it brings deep hatred in it initially. But turns into its opposite, surprisingly, and Cleo turned Helens Gefhlswelt: When she keeps the helpless Knuel in her hands, she feels the first time positive feelings, affection, compassion. The new family member, the unbearable mood after weeks of mourning brightens more and more, laugh back in the house of the Browns -. And back to sleep in his room with Cleo wants Rob

Some people lose by an unexpected event such as job loss, illness, etc. completely the ground under their feet. A few never find more the way back to normality. This book gives courage and hope. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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