CL Educate Ltd provides coaching to students for under

CL Educate Ltd.

provides coaching to students for under graduate management and law entrance examinations like CLAT, AILET, MMH-CET, IPM, SLAT etc. for admission into courses like BA LL.B, BBA, BBS, BBE, BFIA, etc. provided by various well known universities across India. As an intern at CL Educate Ltd., the project that was assigned to me was to explore different sales promotion tools used by CL Educate Ltd. and to analyze which among the explored sales promotion factors influences the prospective students to take up courses at CL Educate Ltd.

As a part of my internship with CL Educate, I was allotted the job of sales and marketing of its School products in South Delhi part of Delhi. The School products include IPM Express and LST Express, which are the crash courses provided by CL Educate, the batch for which starts from 28th March, 2019 and are a 45 days course for the preparation of exams like CLAT, AILET (Law) or IPM (Management).

An initial training of 7 days was given to me, which was specially focused on the ways of interacting with clients, both face to face as well as on mobile and to make sale. Initially I was given information about the various universities, courses run by the institute and information regarding the working process of the competitors. As a part of our training we were made to do mock calls and mock counseling sessions with our immediate mentors in the company, before actually interacting with the clients.

As a center manager, my work at the SDA center of Career Launcher was to facilitate the smooth functioning of the daily operations taking place at the SDA centre.

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The daily operations included scheduling the ongoing classes, counseling new students, tele-marketing (cold calling) by using phone as the medium to reach new customers and handling the accounts. In case of walk-ins and enquiries, there was a communication system designed according to which these queries and counseling was to be done. In case of an inquiry comes from the area which was usually covered by another institute, then that inquiry was to be forwarded to the respective centre.

As far as the cold calling is concerned, I had to maintain an Excel sheet which contained data regarding the prospective clients, like who all were interested in coming for either the seminar or one – on – one counseling, and who could not attend due to some or the other reason.

At the end of each day, the details (excel sheet) of all the calls and interaction made to the prospective clients was to be sent to my mentor (under whose guidance I was working) at the SDA center.

During the XII Board exams, along with the other Business Development Associates, my job was to go to the respective Board center of a particular school, and tell the parents and the children about different courses offered by CL Educate.

So as to entice the clients to visit our SDA center of Career Launcher for conducting one- on- one counseling sessions with our mentor, I had also made the following online posters, which was communicated to them via the mode of Whatsapp, along with a text message, indicating the details of the counseling sessions.


CL Educate Ltd. is an educational service provider which hones the skills of the students who have just completed their Class XII Boards or equivalent examination and want to pursue professional courses at under graduate level such as BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration), BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies), BFIA (Bachelor of Financial Analysis), BBE (Bachelor of Business Economics) and HM (Hotel Management) in management and BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications), Mass Communications and LAW (B.A.LL.B).

It has its head office in Mohan Estate, New Delhi and has 10 coaching centers in Delhi. Career Launcher mentors students for entrance examination of the Under Graduate professional courses across the country. Currently it operates in more than 100 cities and has 250+ centers all over India. Career Launcher is planning to set a centre in other cities too.

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