Cinderella has been an inspiration to many over the years It has

Cinderella has been an inspiration to many over the years. It has brought love and happiness to many households and an opportunity to think broadly. It shows us that even though you may go through hardships and that life is not always a bed of roses, in the end there will always be a happy ending. Its not always tough, if you fight through and become the bigger person you will always find happiness. The movie Cinderella, made in 2015, was about a young girl named Ella who became an orphan at a very young age.

Her cruel stepmother and sisters made her life very difficult to live but it was not until she met her prince in shining armor while strolling through a forest. She was fortunate enough to have such a kindhearted prince take her hand in marriage. Ella’s vast imagination and creativity is what brought her to be the person she is. She teaches us to always be kind and loving, even though people may be cruel.

Cinderella was a story that portrayed many morals which emphasized noble characteristics. In the movie there was a scene in which Ella was fed up and tired of her stepfamily, so she decided to take a stroll in the forest to get her mind to peace. The sounds of birds chirping and the greenery all around her took her to place in her mind where it was calm and free of rudeness. While she was there, she met a man who she thought was very nice and humble.

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He was the prince, but he didn’t want her to know that because he was down to earth and didn’t want to brag about his life. Characteristics such as modesty and humility were shown throughout the film which made it much more interesting. The colors and scenery in the movie were very outstanding that it brought the viewers attention. The magic in the film made it all more exciting to watch.

Although Cinderella was a great movie and I would one hundred percent watch it again, there were a few minor flaws. In one of the instance there was a scene where the prince was asked to marry Princess Chelina if the mystery princess wasn’t found and the captain refereed to him as your highness when he was supposed to refer to him as your majesty because the king had passed away and he was now the king. I noticed in another instance where when Ella was headed to the ball and she was making the dress, the mice under the table were getting her shoes ready but when she was leaving, she was wearing the dirty blue ones she always wears. The rest of the element such as color scheme and costuming were amazing, and it really brought the attention of many.

Both the tale and the movie had many similarities and differences. Some of the differences include the beginning of the story where how the father played throughout the both. In the book he did not initially die, he was just mentioned in the beginning and occasionally when Cinderella would mention him. But in the movie, he became ill and died on one of his journey.

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