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Christmas heart of Anne Tente [Ed.] Review Paper

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Paper type: Review , Subject: Christmas

Every year brings the Wunderlich publishing house at Christmas time a stylishly been canned, bound book out, makes the joy, whether as a gift or for personal Plaisir. This year we have specifically taken the female audience in the eye and put together eleven stories for them that appeal to the mind. The title alone makes this alignment no doubt, and the author selection does the rest: ten authors, including experienced and strong-selling ladies like Nina George and Tessa Hennig, and an author (Janne Mommsen) Review of family, peace, and joy at Christmas time, of the grief of a broken relationship and by the desire to catch a little piece of happiness in love for the festival of peace. Now and then the stories and novel excerpts familiar clichés warm up or sweet taste for kitsch, but there is enough compensation for some triviality, and at the end there is something for every taste. Here are a few Handlungskostpröbchen:

More Reviews beautiful: Books and music CDs for the Advent and Christmas Bücher and music for the Advent and Christmas season on books reviews “/ a>.

On Christmas Eve Jean Perdu is dozed off in his easy chair. This holiday season has made him. He runs on his ship on the Seine is a bookstore that Pharmacie littéraire , and all day stormed the boat customers in a hurry to in passing as quickly as possible even the non plus ultra-book reckless for so far raise family and friends. “I need something for my mother. She’s conductress.” – “What it reads like it?” – “Oh, that does not have time to read, but because she has a new glass table next to the sofa Show me some really nice books ….” In the twilight of a holiday evening Perdu appears magically in the worlds of his books a , He enters by opening with an old printer glass knives, the book cuts. So we accompany Captain Marlow on his riverboat for a piece of “Heart of Darkness” … While Marlow disappears behind mangroves, hears Perdu on the English lawn outside his own ship one voice, “Fitzwilliam Darcy,” she cries, and you is Perdu continues in the middle of a tea party from Jane Austen’s “pride and prejudice” to him his journey through times and worlds. (This Christmas episode from Nina Georges “Lesen here my review of Nina George: “Das Lavendelzimmer” on books Rezensionen”

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Emma Sternberg’s story” Küchenzauber “Maintain the hosts Giglinger with the villagers . an old tradition After the Christmas, all families with the mayor and the pastor in a relaxed atmosphere in the village inn find and look forward to the feast: “the Christmas goulash from Leni” Unfortunately, Georg Giglingers beloved wife Magdalena in a car accident. come alive. now sitting Georg desperate in his pub food, overwhelmed by sorrow and grief. How to proceed? at least tonight should still proceed as still above the stage, he is his Leni guilty. as the “small-time chef “helps a cat on the jumps and he is a” bring saugute “soup on the table, that’s Christmas magic …

a sad, touching, tie fgründige and fully convincing narrative controls Sophie Cramer. Almut, the protagonist of “Feast of Love” plugged fully in the preparations for the Christmas Eve. Soon, the family members will arrive. Almut a lot of thought has made to personal gifts to find for each and pack carefully. While in the oven sizzle turkey, husband Ewald in the living room to decorate the tree. Suddenly it rings at the door. Two nurses want to look like every day after rights and medical care to the people suffering from dementia. But Almut does not recognize them. She is upset that two strangers they invaded on Christmas Eve, and the police will call. After work, the nurses move on, and Almut sinks back into her own world. How nice it that the Christmas gift for their beloved Ewald she had desperately sought, finds! There are diary entries with photos. “A feeling of bliss is hired,” and full of anticipation she thinks about the coming hours …

After two vintages with crime stories ( “Read my review of Dahl / Edwardson / Lönnaeus / Sten include: “July murders” in Books Reviews / p “>

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