Choices and Destiny

Choices and Destiny in The Necklace

Destiny is about choices that we make. After Mathilde lost her necklace, her husband asked her to write a letter to her friend, which was a correct action. They decided to hide the truth and tell her that she was mending the necklace. This choice leads to a ten-year miserable life of Mathilde and her husband. They have to work hard in order to pay debt with rates of usury and interests. Imagine what would happen if they tell the truth about the necklace in the letter.

If Mathilde told her friend that the necklace was lost, she would know that the lost necklace was paste at the moment. Then, there was no need to buy a new necklace and pay the debt for 10 years. Life is about choices.

Every choice we make has a consequence. If we choose a better decision, we might get a better outcome. That might also determine your life afterward.

Hard work can change destiny. Mathilde loves wealthy life but she never had one. She always feels that she was supposed to be born for all delicacies and luxuries. She indulged in her thoughts excessively but she never plan on achieving it by her own hands. She never goes to work, only complain to her husband that she didn’t have a pretty dress and jewelry. We can see the ability of Mathilde from those 10 years. She worked very hard to earn money in order to pay the debt. It shows that Mathilde has the ability to bear the hardship and strike for her work.

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If she tried to work hard before all the things happened, she would have a better life and buy any jewelry that she wanted. If a person has a goal but never try to achieve it and only dreaming about fantasy, he or she will only get further away from the goals. We can shape the future and our destiny by perseverance.

Examples of Real-Life Choices

The more you willing to persist and give effort, the larger the chances of success. Real life example Tamika Catchings was born with a hearing impairment and have to wear a big hearing aid. All her classmates teased her and she thought that every day was a challenge for her. One day, she decided to throw her hearing aid away. Her parent was furious about that. Her father told her that Tamika had already made a choice, and she has to live with it. Without the hearing aid, her classmate stopped laughing at her. She fell in love with basketball, and her disability does not hold her back. She became a professional basketball player for the Women’s National Basketball Association and represented the United States to participate in several Olympic Games.

Helen Keller had a serious illness which took away her sight, hearing and the ability to speak. She never gave up and put a great effort into learning the ability to communicate. She was also able to get a bachelor of art degree. After that, she still studied assiduous and mastered five languages of English, French, German, Latin, and Greek. She dedicated her life to the advancement of blindness. She traveled all around the world to raise funds for the school for the blind and deaf-blind people in order to improve their living environment and education level. She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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