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Children’s Literature Essay Examples

Should the Harry Potter series be censored?

Should the Harry Potter series be censored? Should the Harry Potter series be banned from schools and libraries? I don’t think there is anybody in modern countries who hasn’t at least heard of Harry Potter and his adventures at Hogwarts School for witches and wizardry. The Harry Potter series is a widely popular children’s book….

Harry Potter and Culture Industry Essay

Harry Potter – this name is familiar with all the age groups in the universe today and the ground behind it is good known to all of us. The Harry Potter book series written by a individual female parent J. K. Rowling. who wouldn’t have imagined in her wildest dreams that a narrative she thought…

Snowdrops by Leslie Norris

In Snowdrops, the author, Leslie Norris, present a child’s of the world around him and the way that adults can protect children from sad and upsetting experiences. The story appears to be about a boy and his day at primary school. His teacher, Miss Webster promised the class that they could all go outside and…



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Peter Pan & Alice In Wonderland

Lice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass: Critique In Lewis Carol’s novel Lice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass, the main character Alice transports into an incredible and fascinating world unlike any other. It has a twist on logic and messes with your mind, while bringing adults back to their childhood…

What is the Story of Rumpelstiltskin

Good afternoon, my name is Reinstitution. Get settled down, cause I’m about to tell you the story of the time someone finally guessed my name. I was Just walking around the village when I heard terrible sobbing. So I go over there and see what’s up. I look through the window and see this girl…

The Realistic Views of Miss Jane Pittman

Gaines tells his story of struggle and triumph through his character, Jane Pitman. Although this Is a fictional novel, The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pitman portrays many realistic views and events that occurred In the late 19th century, during and after slavery. Throughout the novel, many slaves experience a realistic loss of a close friend…

Shel Silverstein: Biography

Shel Silverstein Shel Silverstein has been recognized as one of the most talented and successful authors for poetry of his time. Shel grew up learning more talents than most of the other children. His career was full of success; many believe he was born with the natural ability to write. He had a strong sense…

The “Jabberwocky” poem

How Does “Through The Looking Glass” Compare To The Usual Children’s Stories Acceptable in The Victorian Era And How Lewis Carroll’s Children’s Novels May Have Influenced 20th Century Authors. “Through The Looking Glass was written by Lewis Carroll in 1872. The story is about a little girl called Alice, a character based on Alice Liddell,…

Eloise Greenfield and Shel Silverstein

The children’s poems of Eloise Greenfield and Shel Silverstein feature distinctly different types of imagination and narrative voices.  In Greenfield, the narrator’s imagination revolves around her experience as a black female child, and her reflections are both escapist and deeply aware of her heritage.  In Silverstein, on the other hand, imagination does not draw from…

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red’s Bad Characteristics Throughout the different versions of Little Red Riding Hood, the character, Little Red, is tricked into telling the wolf where her sick grandmother lives. The wolf then takes advantage of Little Red’s innocence and unintelligence by arriving at the grandmother’s house first and eating her before Little Red can visit with…

Lancelot by Walker Percy

Walker Percy’s novel “Lancelot,” tells the story of Lancelot Lamar, a very sad and depressed lawyer who finds himself locked up in a psychiatric facility in the aftermath of a fire that took place in his home, Bell Isle. When the story opens, Lancelot claims to have no recollection of the events that led to…

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