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Chemistry Essay Examples

Chemistry Diatomic Molecules Cheat Sheet

Procedure for Negatively Charged Ions (CHIC-) Use the same procedure as outlined above, then as a last step add one electron per negative charge to fill octets. Carbonate ion has a 2- charge, so we have two electrons available to fill octets. Using the procedure above, we arrive a this structure: The two singly-bonded oxygen…

Chemistry Flame Test Lab Report

Test Lab was an experiment designed to show how elements react when heated. This Lab attempted to prove that when electrons are excited and then calm, they emit a color specific to the element. This test showed that there is a direct coloration between the heat energy being expelled and the movement of electrons from…

Enzyme lab report

Enzymes are catalysts which are chemical substances that reduce the amount of activation energy needed for the reaction to begin. All enzymes are all proteins or RNA molecules that speed up metabolic reactions and help to break down poisonous chemicals in the organism’s body. An enzyme will only react if the enzyme fits well with…



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Good Student Sand Salt Lab Report

Some of the salt may be lost if the salt doesn’t dissolve completely or if some of the salt water is spilled – this can be avoided by making sure that all of the salt has dissolved, and by being very careful while stirring the mixture not to spill it. Procedure: 1. Place a small…

Magnesium Oxide Lab Report

The duration of this experiment it is a must to wear safety glasses and lab coat at all times during the lab, even when not working directly with the chemicals r apparatus. 2. Do not touch the apparatus, during the experiment it may still be which further can lead to burns. 3. Be careful around…

Recrystalization Lab Report

An exothermic reaction started immediately with concomitant orientation of a brown precipitate of crude actinide. Ml of water and a magnetic stirring bar were added to stir the reaction mixture and the flask was heated on a magnetic stirring hot plate until all of the solid and oil were dissolved. The temperature of the reaction…

Viscosity Lab Report

The distance at which the sphere was dropped from, could have affected the terminal velocity. By doing a reverse engineering calculation using the equation given in the lab sheet for Castro oil (0. 65 NSA/AMA ) , it appeared that the time needed to get this viscosity could reach to about 12 seconds. This was…

Sulfuric Acid Applications

Sulfuric acid is one of the most important industrial chemicals; more sulfuric acid is produced each year than is made of any other manufactured chemical. More than 40 million tons of it was produced in the United States in 1990 and was heavily manufactured in nearly every other country. It has widely varied uses and…

Titration Analysis of Aspirin Tablets

Chemistry 12 12/Oct/2011 Titration- Analysis of Aspirin Tablets Objective: Determine the percentage of aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) present in two different commercial tablets by titrating the solution with a base. Also determine whether the aspirin is a strong or weak acid according to the Bronsted- Lowry and Lewis theories and deduce the formula of the acid-…

Research Proposal on Physical Chemistry

Physical chemistry is the branch of chemistry, the science of the genera; laws of the structure, composition and transformation of the chemical substances. Physical chemistry researches chemical phenomena with the help of the theoretical and experimental methods of physics. The history of physical chemistry is quite long and it started in the 18th century when…

Chemistry Culminating Task - Formal Lab Report

“Chemistry; the branch of science that deals with the identification of the substances of which matter is composed; the investigation of their properties and the ways in which they interact, combine, and change; and the use of these processes to form new substances.” Introduction Generally, chemistry is the study of substances, compounds, and the ways…

The Discovery and Chemistry of Dry Ice

In 1835, the French chemist Charles Thilorier was the first man to discover dry ice. One day he opened a very large container of liquid carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide would quickly evaporate, which left a solid dry ice in the bottom of the container. For the next 60 years, dry ice was observed in…

Structural and Electronic Effects Acids and Bases

Lewis acid – a substance that accepts an electron pair • All BrOnsted-Lowry acids are also Lewis acids, but the reverse is not necessarily true. Any species that is electron deficient and capable of accepting an electron pair is also a Lewis acid. • Common examples of Lewis acids (which are not BrOnstedLowry acids) include…

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