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Chemistry Essay Examples

Factors affecting Osmosis in Potato Tissue

We will connect the calibrated gas syringe to the side armed flask. We will place the strip of magnesium ribbon into the side armed flask at the same time as putting in the bung and starting the stop clock. We will time how long the reaction takes until it is stopped and record the results….

Chromatography and Solvents

Chromatography is a method of separating compounds and mixtures so that they can be identified and analyzed. The word chromatography means color writing. There are many kinds of chromatography such as the thin layer chromatography, Partition chromatography, Column chromatography, and Paper chromatography. Chromatography is important in the analysis of processes and materials such as environmental…

Specific heat capacity is ethanol

The three variables that affect the specific heat capacity of a substance are:  emperature change (K) or ( c) The equation that is used to determine the specific heat capacity of any substance is; Specific Heat Capacity = Energy Supplied ( Q) (C) Mass (kg) Temperature Change ( ) Unit: Jkg- K- Each different substance…



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The reaction between zinc and copper sulphate

To investigate the affect of varying the amounts of zinc in the reaction between zinc and copper sulphate has on the rate of reaction. Background Knowledge My experiment is based on the theory of: ‘A more reactive metal can displace a less reactive metal from a compound’ For examplThis type of reaction is known as…

The heat energy produced by propanol

The energy released by a fuel depends on two things. Firstly the number of bonds to be broken and made and secondly the type of bonds involved. Therefore from the preliminary work I can see that propanol has similar type bonds to ethanol, but it has more of them. This means that proponal will use…

Magnesium oxide

I can’t have only 1 point connecting to zero to make a line of best fit because it would not be a very reliable line. Analysis The type of graph I have is as straight line in a positive correlation. The results are directly proportional which means as the mass of magnesium goes up, the…

Measuring the specific heat capacity of water

Introduction The Specific Heat Capacity of any substance can be defined as the amount of energy needed to raise 1kg of the substance by 1i?? c. It’s found by using the following formula: C = Q / (M x ? ?) Where (C) represents the SPHC; (Q) the energy needed or given out in joules;…

The hydrogen peroxide

The substances that I am going to use in this investigation are Manganese Dioxide and Hydrogen Peroxide. The Manganese Dioxide is a chemical catalyst and will be used to speed up the breaking down of Hydrogen Peroxide. I am using a chemical catalyst because it would give a more accurate result compared to organic or…

Boiling Water, Condensation and Dissolving.

“The purpose of teachers’ questions should be to promote children’s activity and reasoning” (up 41 ) which Is why It Is up to the teachers of today to establish an understanding of the different sorts of questions that can be used to get different sorts of responses from the children that would Initiate participation In…

Acids, Bases & Buffers

To measure the buffering capacity of two types of Isotonic drinks. Introduction: There are acid-forming. Basic forming and neutral food, however the acid or alkaline properties of a food is unable to judge by the actual acidity of the food itself. For example, citrus fruits such as lemon are acidic, but they are alkaline-forming when…

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