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Chemistry Essay Examples

Rates of reaction experiment HCl

The rate of reactions is how fast something changes from its reactants to its products. For a reactions to occur, the particles must strike with enough energy. At the start of the practical only some of the reactions will have enough energy to strike with each other and create energy for the reaction to happen….

Effect of Temperature on Enzyme Activity

The objective of this experiment was to determine the effect of temperature on the rate that enzymes work. The purpose was to determine whether increasing the temp made the enzymes more active, and if so, at what temperature does the activity start to decline. The experiment consisted of thirty test tubes, with 5 test tubes…

Effect of concentration of copper sulphate on the action of amylase to break down starch

There are two ways that we could have consumed copper sulphate. Water pipes are responsible for transporting water, and some of them are made out of copper. Copper pipes can become rusted if there is high sulphate content in the water, basic copper sulphate is precipitated which can grow through the pipe wall creating pit…



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How different concentration of enzyme catalase affects the rate of breaking down substrate hydrogen peroxide

Enzymes are large proteins that speed up chemical reaction. As globular protein, enzymes have a specific three-dimensional shape which is determined by their sequence of amino acids. Despite their large overall size, enzyme molecules only have a small region that is functional. This is known as enzyme’s active site. The substrate molecule is held within…

Factors affecting cooling rate

Heat energy is conducted from the hot end to the cold end. It is transferred from atom to atom. At the hot end the atoms are vibrating a lot. The vibration is gradually passed along to the other atoms as they collide into each other. This happens in all substances, but in a metal something…

Fruits to make a fruit battery

Magnesium, due to its reactivity, has a very high potential energy, so the electrons travel from it to the copper, which has a very low potential energy due to its unreactivity. The difference in the potential is called the cell potential difference. If the difference of potential energy is large, then clearly the voltage produced…

The neutralisation of Acids by Antacids

An Investigation to See What Effects the Neutralisation of Acids by Antacids In this experiment I will be looking at what affects the rate of reaction in a chemical reaction between Hydrochloric acid and commercial antacids. I will be looking at one of the Rates of reaction, surface area, to see if a smaller surface…

Propanol and Butanol

To investigate and compare the relationships between the amounts of energy released from different alcohols in the alcohol series. BACKGROUND INFORMATION Alcohols are a series of organic homologous compounds with the general formula of C(n) H(2n+1) OH. They gain their properties, which are different to those of other compounds in the homologous series due to…

Concentration and rates of reaction

I am investigating the effect of the concentration of Hydrochloric Acid on the speed of the reaction between Sodium Thiosulphate and Hydrochloric Acid. When these react together, sulphur is formed. A balanced chemical equation for the reaction is… Na2S2O3 + 2HCl –> S + 2NaCl + SO2 + H20 Apparatus Total of 10cm3 of distilled…

Surface area of calcium carbonate

Introduction: The experiment taking place is between calcium carbonate [CaCO3] and hydrochloric acid [HCl]. Calcium carbonate, also known as marble, is a metamorphic rock. This is a rock that is formed over long periods of time under high temperature and pressure. It is also formed when carbon dioxide reacts with calcium hydroxide to produce calcium…

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