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Chemistry Essay Examples

Concentration of oxalic acid

The redox titration will be done between potassium permanganate and ethanedioic acid. This reaction requires acid catalyst because ethanedioic acid is too weak an acid to make the solution acidic enough to react at a reasonable rate. Sulphuric acid is in the mixture and provides the acid catalyst. The ethanedioic acid in the mixture will…

Experiement to test for anions and cations

The aim of the experiment is to test an unknown substance with a variety of experimental methods, by doing this the identity of the substance will be known. The two types of different testing methods will be anions and cations. Cations are positively charged ions; this is because the atom looses an electron during a…

Synthesis of 4?methylcyclohexene Essay

Abstraction 4-methylcyclohexanol was synthesized to 4-methylcyclohexene utilizing desiccation. 4-methylcyclohexanol was heated to reflux and the subsequent distillation ( 4-methylcyclohexe ) was collected. It was so purified utilizing Na chloride to divide merchandises and an anhydrous solid was so added and filtered. The resulting merchandise had a mass of 0.399 g and a percent output of…



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Investigation Completion and Analysis Essay

Vaporization is a procedure where liquid is converted to vapor with the intent of dividing it from a dissolved solid or from a liquid that is higher in boiling point in experiments or probes on how to divide soluble solid in liquids ( Holland. 2005 ) . Vaporization technique was chosen for the experiment because…

Chemistry report

Introduction: In this experiment, it is a redox titration method to standardize a solution of potassium manganate(VII) by an iron(II) salt (ammonium iron(II) sulphate). So, the word of redox is related to the oxidation and reduction. Oxidation numbers describe the number of electrons the atom will gain or lose during a reaction. Each atom in…

Determination of Ksp of copper(II)

Introduction: Copper(II) iodate(V) ionizes weakly in water: Cu(IO3)2 + aq Cu2+(aq) + 2IO3-(aq) For a saturated solution of copper(II) iodate(V), concentration of IO3- ions doubles that of the Cu2+ (aq) ions, and Ksp of Cu(IO3)2(s) can be calculated by determining the concentration of Cu2+(aq) ion of a saturated Cu(IO3)2(aq). The e. m. f. of a…

Compared to the original Daniell Cell

By completing and testing this hypothesis our group believes that it will factor in the aim of increasing the voltage and current of our Daniell Cell. Hypothesis 2 According to the Standard Reduction Potentials for Half-Reactions table, our group hypothesises that by changing the half cells so that their E0 values are a greater distance…

Furagin: Forced Degradation Studies

Furagin: Forced Degradation Surveies Index Index of Figures Index of Tables Abstraction Keywords Abbreviations 1.Introduction 1.1.Forced debasement surveies 1.1.1. Overview of regulative counsel 1.1.2. Review of bing literature and different attacks 1.2.Furagin 1.2.1. Chemical and Physical Information 1.2.2. Pharmaceutical Information 1.2.3. Impurities 2.Aim of the Study 3.Method 3.1.Equipment and stuffs 3.1.1 Method AHPLC/AUPLC 3.1.2 Method…

Making a standard solution

To find the molarity of the unknown acid, first we had to create a standard solution, the solution we created was Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH). We wanted a 0. 1 molar solution of sodium hydroxide so to get this we had to dissolve 4g of NaOH into 1000cm? of water, but we didn’t want 1000cm? we…

Primary and secondary standard solutions

Primary standards, such as potassium hydrogen phthalate (KHP) (C8H5KO4), display unique characteristics such as high purity, maintain stability during storage within a long period of time whether in solid or liquid form, large molar mass as calculated to be 204 (RMM), low reactivity with the surrounding air, high stoichiometry and low hygroscopicity (property of absorbing…

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