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Chemistry Essay Examples

Chemistry: Atom and Short Answer Questions

Part I Multiple choice or short answer questions 1) (2 points) Identify a solid a. Definite volume and no definite shape b. no definite volume and no definite shape c. definite volume and definite shape 2) (2 points) A substance composed of two or a. A solution. proportion is b. A heterogeneous mixture. c. An…

Lab Report Boiling Point and Melting Point

Should be based on observations made during the experiment. Evaluation of laboratory exercise type: On a separate page, each student should write a brief comment regarding 1) which lab method you prefer (inquiry-method, i. E. Problem-solving oriented, or traditional lab. Like this one. 2) group size (individual labs or small-group labs) 3) report writing –…

Simple Distillation Lab Report

Fractional distillation is almost the same as the simple distillation, the only preference is that in a fractional distillation, fractionating column is used which is attached at the top end of the pear-shaped flask and it is connected to the condenser as well. Vacuum distillation is a process used to reduce the pressure to a…



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Lab Report: Separation and Purification of Organic

If a saturated hot solution is allowed to cool, the solute is no longer soluble in the solvent and forms crystals of pure compound. Impurities are excluded from the growing crystals and the pure solid crystals can be separated from the dissolved impurities by filtration. (rougher. Colorado. Due) A desirable solvent for crystallization has the…

Neutralization, Reaction between alkali and ammonium compound

Strength of Acid and Alkali, Reacting Masses, Volumetric AnalysisIn which of the following cases may it obtain a complete neutralization?(1)25.0 cm3 of 0.120 M sulphuric acid and 50cm3of 0.120M sodium hydroxide solution(2)50.cm3 of 0.5 M Sodium hydroxide and 0.025 moles of aqueous ammonium chloride(3)20.0cm3 of 0.100M phosphoric acid and 30.0cm3 of 0.200 M potassium hydroxide…

Chemistry Lab Report

Initial hypothesis: A 1 Ox eluted potassium dichloride solution have an expected spectrophotometer reading of 1. 000 while a xx diluted potassium dichloride solution have an expected spectrophotometer reading of 0. 200. The result we obtained correlates strongly to the hypothesis, albeit with a spectrophotometer reading error reaching as high as +0. 07 which is…

Preparetion of salt

1. INSOLUBLE SALTSSoluble salt 1(aq) + soluble salt 2(aq) insoluble salt + soluble salt (aq)acid 1(aq) acid 2(aq)Pb(NO3)2(aq) + Na2SO4(g) PbSO4(s) + 2NaNO3(aq)Pb2+(aq) + SO2-4(aq) PbSO4To prepare a salt, you should firstly thoroughly mix the solution, then you should filter it to remove any precipitate. Next, you should, wash with distilled water and finally leave…

Melting Point Lab Report

I did three mixed melting point trials that resulted in a melting point of 1 ICC to 1 ICC. The melting point range is small, which indicates a relatively pure substance. I did a mixed melting point trial to find out what substance I had. I used Benzene Acid and Ecumenicist because they were the…

The Collision Theory

To help me explain the collision I am going to use information from “Chemistry Made Clear” by Gallagher and Ingram.In order for a reaction to occur the particles must meet and the collision must occur with enough energy. In the reaction I am investigating, the making of magnesium sulphate, the magnesium atoms and hydrogen ions…

Finding the concentration of sodium carbonate

Finding the concentration of sodium carbonate:Mass (Na2CO3 transferred to volumetric flask)= [mass (weighing bottle) + mass (Na2CO3)]-[mass(weighing bottle after emptying)]=15.24g – 12.59g=2.65gMolar mass (Na2CO3)Na=23C=12O=162Na x 1C x 3O = molar mass= (2 x 23) + 16 + (3 x 16)=106Number of mols (Na2CO3) = mass/molar mass=2.65g/106=0.025molNumber of mols (Na2CO3) = concentration x volume10000.025 mol. =…

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