Chapter Nine of The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

In chapter nine of The Kite Runner, written by Khaled Hosseini, Hassan, and Ali are forced to leave the house of Amir and Baba because Amir’s Christmas presents are found under Hassan’s bed as if he had stolen them However the narrator (present-day Amir) explains to the reader that it was actually Amir who hid the presents under Hassan‘s bed to get him in trouble so that Baba would make them leave. When Ail and Hassan return Baba asks Hassan if he had stolen the presents and to the surprise of Amir, Hassan confesses to stealing the presents.

Although Baba forgives Hassan, Amir gets his wish and Ali tells them that they must leave for good Immediately after learning this, the reader automatically blames Amir for Hassan and Ali leaving, but is he the one ultimately responsible? On the surface, Amir is obviously the one to blame Amir wanted Hassan gone; he devised a plan to get rid of him, he took action, and then he ultimately succeeded.

This is a strong case against Amir however if looked at deeper, is there a root cause of his actions to be blamed? When Amir’s background and upbringing is examined, it becomes clearer why Amir would do something this appalling. Amir was raised by a well-respected and wealthy businessman who did not show his love but always gave Amir what he wanted, and he was also served by his loyal servant Hassan who always took the blame for Amir and always did as he was expected.

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With this upbringing, Amir was already conditioned to get what he wanted, even if it was not necessarily right. So once things in his life got worse, he instinctively got rid of what he believed was the cause of all his problems; Hassant Although Amir is completely responsible for Hassan and Ali leaving, the reader can see that there must be something that enabled him to act upon his awful desired. When analyzed further, it becomes clear that it is ultimately Amir’s upbringing that is responsible for his desire to become reality.

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