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-181874-245313-552450-200025CHAPTER 1


Following are the sections that describes the introduction of the project.


This project is made keeping in mind about industrial setup. Industries in any region of the world require more and more production based outcomes for this reason they are investing more in the field of machinery that could save their time and help them in achieving their targets.

For this purpose local industries in Pakistan and the other south Asian nations depends on their nature of work in industries to save time and man power for the transportation of products among different sections of the industrial production lines.

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We have so many people working on the same task every day. This decreases the motivation of the workers and the efficiency of the industry decreases. Also it requires a great amount of human efforts. Therefore bringing the concept of industrial automation in the industry is the best alternative. The industrial automation requires quality training of the people to do the work along with the safety which is one of the most important factors. This not only reduces human efforts but also saves time and insures that the quality of the product is good. Due to such reasons people goes towards industrial automation. Industrial automation is the field which has summed up electronics, mechanical, computer mathematics and physics. It not only reduces human workforce but can do the same work with accuracy and reliability.

So for the betterment of the industries installed we have propose an idea to innovate the transportation system with pneumatic based electromagnets which will serve as an artificial hand because earlier turntables were used but they had limited directions to transport the product and precision somehow got affected. For further enhancement of mechanisms we also consider image processing and image sensing techniques for quality and accuracy of the system. Image processing has interconnected with industrial automation and opens up a great way of research. The main part of our project is the image processing, image processing is one of the emerging technologies today. Image processing is a technique to do useful operations on the image to get an output image having some useful information in it. It is the type of processing in which input is taken as image and output may be image or it can be features connected to that image. Today image processing is fast growing technologies. It is useful in engineering and science too.

There are two categories of procedures used for image processing analogue and digital image processing. Analogue image processing can be used for the hard copies like printouts and pictures. Image analysts use various crucial of interpretation while using these visual techniques. Digital image processing techniques help in arranging of the digital images by using computers. The three general phases that all types of data have to face while using digital technique are preprocessing and display information removal.

-69012-284672 Image processing is now commonly used by a large number of people who have gain digital cameras and laptops/computer. With a low investment we can with ease magnify contrast, detect sharpness, quantify brightness and affect a variety of mathematical operations to images.


To detect three colors red, green and blue and to sort three shapes circle square and triangle on a conveyor belt

To serve as a monitoring and control application.

To allow user to control objects in a conveyor belt.

To provide video feedback from original site.

To provide graphical user interface for the control application

-207034-2501661.3 BLOCK DIAGRAM

482917535560OUTPUT in form of color/shape sorted on the conveyor belt

00OUTPUT in form of color/shape sorted on the conveyor belt

-638175188595INPUT color/ shape

00INPUT color/ shape

1981200107950Data send to OPEN-CV

00Data send to OPEN-CV

316230060325Open-cv process the data

00Open-cv process the data

82867522225Camera capture color/ shape

00Camera capture color/ shape



This block diagram consists of five blocks for the entire process. First any of the three color/shape will be kept on the conveyor belt as an input. The camera mounted on the top of the conveyor belt will capture the picture and will send the information of that picture to open computer vision. Open-cv is a library of programming activity largely seek at real time computer vision. In simple it is deposit used for image processing. It is used to do all the working related to images such as read and write images, observation of faces and its attributes, detection of shapes, adjust image quality colors and many more. After all the process in the Open-Cv different colors/shapes will be sorted on the conveyor belt.


The project is designed in this way that the camera is mounted on the hardware i.e. conveyor belt. There will be some colors i.e. red, green and blue along with some shapes circle, square and triangle will be kept on the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt which will be running by a dc motor will carry these colors and shapes to the area where camera is mounted. As the color/shape reaches towards position of the camera, the camera will capture the image/video. The object will be seen on the screen of the laptop (computer).

The process of color and shape detection is done by image processing. This process of image processing is carried in the Open CV which has the library of image processing already build up in it.

In the Open CV the data given by the camera i.e. the image of the color is first converted into HSV (Hue Saturation Value). For red color the range is from 0-119, for green 120-239 and for blue 240 or greater than 240. These ranges are converted into binary code i.e. 0 and 1. These binary codes are compared to the binary codes of those colors which are already build in the Open CV by the command of Dilate. The binary codes which are matched with the input colors binary codes are then ready to give the display by the command of IM-SHOW which displays the colors that are matched by the binary coding.

In case of the shapes let’s say three objects are placed on the conveyor belt. First one is circular, second one is triangular and the third is square. If the camera captures image of circular object it will automatically be detected by the process of Open CV. Similarly triangle and the square object will be detected the programming done on the computer vision.

Here we are also using Arduino that will be controlling the movement of the servo motor. The angles of the servo motor are such adjusted that the desired color/shape will be sorted by the servo motor to the droppers on the specific area only e.g. if the input color is red then in the dropper red color will be thrown into the red section only, this red color will not be thrown into the sections of other color.

Similar is the case with the shapes. The servo motor will sort the shapes according to their classification.

Also, the software used for image processing is python. The hardware designing in this project is to design a conveyor belt and to mount a camera on the conveyor belt. Fitting of rollers, servo motor and droppers on the conveyor belt is also included as mechanical work of the project.


The designing of the project requires:


An individual who has some knowledge of software engineering that controls the application or the application to control the application is able to develop the required parameter. Programmer a programing background effectively and properly able to meet the needs of the customer to ensure that the need for this work.


Python programmer to program the python for Open CV to be operated correctly. Programming also to control the external circuit i.e. servo motor. The programming for this project is to interface the hardware to software.


The hardware designing in this project is to design the whole hardware including conveyor belt, rollers, servo motor and droppers fitted in the conveyor belt. Also camera mounted on the conveyor belt.


Such machine which is:




Capable of sorting different objects and colors

Machine controlled by the software


The significance of the project are as under:

Replace massive human workforce

Area of application:

Medical science



Artificial intelligence

Expanded image processing application

The purpose of detecting items and sorting them.

Time saver machine in industrial application


In this chapter the background, goals and objectives, and operation of the project were discussed.

Also the block diagram was mentioned. Finally the aim, application and significance of the project were provided.

Chapter 2 is Image Processing which includes general description about image processing

Chapter 3 is system software description which describes the software programming.

Chapter 4 is system hardware description which describes the components used in hardware.

Chapter 5 contains the evaluation of the project and the last chapter include the result, conclusion, application and future enhancement of the project.

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