Why Should I Continue My Education?

The following sample essay on “Why should I continue my education?” is an application for a master’s program at a university. The student talks about his successes and goals.

Change being the most definite constant observed in all wakes of life, one must stay apace with the dynamic trends in order to excel as an individual. Growing intellectually, surpassing oneself and reaching greater heights is a huge attribute contributing to the journey of keeping abreast with the changes we face.

Derivative of which, my goal is to dwell further in the field of Electronics through the Masters Programme at your esteemed university. I strongly believe that the programme will be a massive platform to showcase my skills as an engineer and also a humble nest to nurture my development.

Fortunate of being part of a generation where humans are entwined with technology, I was able to get my hands on a Computer at a very young age. My first acquaintance with an Electronic Gadget came about at the same time.

It was an astounding experience to witness the Computer being assembled though the integration of small discrete boards which are without doubt useless if used individually. To imagine something so powerful being built of such small components was beyond my scope of understanding. But at the same time, to think about the possibilities of designing new devices and systems capable of performing what we want by employing a similar mechanism of integration was intriguing enough to stimulate me to take up Electronics.

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And thus, my journey through the horizons of evolution in technology and in particular The Electronics began.

During my past three years of undergraduate study in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering, I was able to gauge the expanse of Electronics and its influence in the society. Over the course of Undergraduate study, I studied subjects like Electromagnetic Field theory, Analog and Digital Circuits, Control Systems, Microelectronics, Microwaves and Radars, Digital Signal Processing, Microcontrollers and Microprocessors which further aided my understanding of Electronics.

Having secured an aggregate of over 82% at the university level examination in six semesters and consistently being ranked among the top 5 in a department of 120 is a clear indication of my conceptual and fundamental knowledge in the field of Electronics. Furthermore, I was able to bridge the gap between theoretical awareness of concepts and their practical aspects by working on necessary tools and mastering the same by attending laboratories as part of the curriculum.

Academics will only take us as far as the conceptual understanding is concerned. It is only through persistent application of these concepts and experimentation does one truly understand the way things work. As the saying goes – “Jack of all trades and master of none”, though appealing, I could not focus on all the domains in Electronics. My interest in automation and the fascination in being able to control the devices drew me towards Embedded Systems.

My first project in the Embedded Systems domain was the “Automated Water Irrigation System” – an Arduino based project done as part of an intra department design contest organised at the college. Arduino being one of the most preferred open source prototyping platform, helped me build small systems ranging from a temperature controlled fan to a motion sensor based alarm system. I also worked on the processing of EOG Signals and using the same to drive a wheelchair.

This project was aimed at reducing the dependencies of the paralysed on others. I proudly proclaim that this project entitled “Wheelchair driven by EOG Signals” was shortlisted for the Quarter finals of Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge 2015. I have also worked on the Firebird V Robot developed by the Computer Science Department of IIT Bombay as part of the e-Yantra Robotics contest organised by IIT Bombay. The robot was designed for Cargo Alignment. I have also devised a mechanism to automatically generate Morse Code for a given phrase and transmit the code through a simple AM Transmitter.

To further quench my thirst for knowledge, I attended a 2 day Raspberry Pi based product development workshop organised by the IEEE Student branch of the college in association with the IOTA Cell – an initiative to enable Entrepreneurship by nurturing ideas and imparting knowledge. I also attended a 5 days interdepartmental workshop on Advanced Controllers organised in collaboration with the Texas Instruments where I had a hands on experience on various controllers ranging from the MSP-430 to CORTEX Processors.

At the end of my third year of Undergraduate Study, I got an opportunity to intern at WinGlobal Tek – a Start-up based in Bangalore, India. In this period of one month, I worked on PIC Controllers employed for data logging from Industrial Equipments. Being fortunate enough having to work in a Start-up I learnt a great deal about the steps involved in developing a product.

Furthermore, as part of final year project, I will be working on a Drone based parking assistance system. This quadcopter based system which guides the incoming vehicles to a vacant parking spot has a unique feature of charging itself when the power level goes below a threshold.

After my gradual understanding of the fact that Embedded Systems incorporates both the Hardware and Software implementation, there was a need to master Embedded C. My extensive knowledge of C++, C# and Python helped me combat these challenges and I got a strong grip over Embedded C in a short span of time. In addition to these programming languages, I am also well versed with one of the most powerful computing language – MATLAB and Hardware descriptive languages – VHDL and Verilog.

My inclination towards Embedded Systems has led me to the decision of pursuing Master’s in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and specializing in Embedded Systems. Embedded Systems being Application Specific and having Real Time constraints, have an outsized demand in the areas of automotive, space, aeronautics and even mobile communication. I strongly believe that by taking up a Master’s Programme and concentrating in this domain will facilitate me to contribute for the same.

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Why Should I Continue My Education?
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