Cave Canem | The curse of the Oracle of Danila Comastri Montanari Review

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Danila Comastri Montanari wrote in the nineties a successful series of crime novels, set in ancient Rome. Senator Publio Aurelio, an enlightened connoisseurs determined by perceptive Gutsherren- and Sherlock Holmes Art. The crime acts rob not just sleep, but the stories give pretty insights into the everyday lives of all layers and various parts of the Roman Empire.

The language of the novels is not too heavy, but well maintained. Very good I like how pretty the books put up: All offer the notes to the respective Abstract topic (sports, games, school, gladiators, slaves, Government …), to persons, glossaries and floor plans (eg by Publio Aurelio imposing Villa) <.

quietly, the books seem since then to seek new readers again and again, and so they were repeatedly reprinted – most recently in the Mondadori series Oscar Bestsellers in May 2013, continued in July 2014 and certainly in the coming years.

Some have been translated, but the books are out of print ( “the curse of the oracle”, “death in the Olympics,” “a gladiator death”). The Internet

one finds again and again antiquarian or used copies Here is a selection currently deliverable spending – the title give the Latins have a clue what to expect.

• “Cave Canem < "Danila Comastri Montanari: "Cave Canem" at"

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