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The following example essay on “Cassiopeia by Bettina Balàka” is an analysis of a literary work. The article describes the plot and images of the main characters of the story.

Judit Kalman, spoiled daughter of a successful contractor and now Ü40erin collides formally with the twist of fate, after her husband Stefan died. There are quite unmistakable signs that give you the assurance that the writer Markus Bachgraben is the source of their future happiness. Has the successful novel “Cassiopeia” published, “Cassiopeia” is in the list of their favorite words in third place.

With it, she shares the birthplace (Salzburg) and place of residence (Vienna). These and still more in common keeps Judit also been in a list.

After a book reading to get closer. But Mark can contact disrupted, so their paths lose again. Judit but has no intention to comply. They researched as a private detective, plunders his mailbox in the small apartment in Vienna and listens his enterprising mother Erika, which sells the eggs from their chickens laying battery as “bio” products on the market.

With such methods learns Judit that Mark will spend the summer on a scholarship in Venice. Clear: they will have to travel after him. Fortunately, they can even move into an apartment, during which registered owner, Judit’s girlfriend Tita, sail with Hurtigruten to sea in the lagoon city.

What an incredible coincidence (think Mark) when he so far away from home Judit over off running! Again making arrangements, missed out – really the Venetian Love Story will not start.

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Here, here kissing everywhere but the lovers, and newlywed newlyweds sit at picturesque bridges and romantic corners for their posterity in photographic scene. Whether there will be for Judit a happy ending, or is soon Game Over

Venice as a backdrop for a relationship novel – which can be dangerous as black ice, for how easily everything can into kitsch, slip cliché. Not for Bettina Balàka that just plays its literary strength here. Around the Grand Canal of the central plots around (which we never lose sight of) settled the author in many chapters variety of episodes, so that a colored kaleidoscope created.

Thematically it comprises mainly Judit’s family events – her childhood free from any authority ( “everything would automatically grow”), their search for the roots (the mother in Italy, paternal in Hungary), their relationships with girlfriends and men – widens but many marginal figures and sideshows. Stylish meets Balàka getting the right line when they casually the characters, ironic and sometimes bizarre records. At the beginning of the novel we meet the doctor Dr. Soucek, an expert in nutrition, which is itself shrunk in a very short time of 52 to dress size 36th Just behind it no science-based diet, but fate has played its evil … Claudia was the cook in the house Kalman.

They got along well with the kids. But when she is raising their own offspring after her marriage, she is becoming a sadistic dragon. Although she feels her that a crime against their two children commit, it tingles too sexy in her when she yells at as brainless abused, manipulated their classwork with additional errors.

And what we learn about Markus Bachgraben, Judit’s dream man Oh, that worldly existence as an author is one vale of tears. Miserable starving as a writer then. However, the “cultural advisers” share this view in no way will he awarded a generous grant from 200 euros, can stroll in nature and any time and space to give his thoughts.

On the other hand, the word artist can achieve great only in misery, “non-writer” believe that actually blocked “wannabe writers” are … What happens in this case as a product, we read in any case as a novel within a novel: Excerpts from “Cassiopeia” Bach trench work with autobiographical traits. Bettina Balàka “Cassiopeia” is a sparkling group of stars in the literary sky, fabulierend finely woven of unconventional dual relationships and events of another kind, full of wit, irony, humor in the trials and tribulations.

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"Cassiopeia" by Bettina Balàka
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