Case Study about a Report. During my placement I worked in a

Case Study about a Report

During my placement I worked in a Gynaecology Department, we had a patient came in with the of bleeding and she is about 38 years old and she is been going through heavy bleeding and she is anaemic, on her arrival I was asked to get a urine sample off her before any examination can be performed on her, so I quickly did the pregnancy test it was negative then I informed the doctor to carry out his examination as the patient is not expecting any child.

According to NHS under the Gynaecology that patients with gynaecological issues don’t need to be pregnant why going to be on any treatments.

The doctor started by asking her what did your Gp tell you about this your problem and she said he did the referral for her and while she is on iron tablet, the doctor had a word with her and explained the situations to her and the aftermaths and told her the solution to her problem and this patient came with her mother In law and the patient signed the consent form and she was asked to come on the examination bed and she was fine and as soon as she laid down on the bed she started crying and I was the first person that saw that she was crying when I informed the doctor then she stopped the procedure and started talking to her to calm her down and she asked do you have kids? And she said yes and how many? Two and they are one of each and she started her examination back again and this time the patient kept on holding herself back and crying and according to the NHS

code of conduct (Dick, 1974) the healthcare professionals can be sympathy to the patients and help the patient through she was holding back as it is their culture to always cover themselves up and she was not free to allow the doctor to continue with camera examination and the doctor told her that she cannot continue with her as she is not allowing her to carry out the procedure and the patient finally promised that she will be still and this time the doctor sent for the Gynaecology consultant to come and perform the procedure which is inserting of the contraceptive and this was done, the Consultant told the patient to wait for the nurse to get her pain relief to manage her pains and rest a while before going off from the department.

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According to the duty of care, we own all patients which are under us the duty to protect them from anything that causes harm (The duty of health, 1942).

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