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Carl Tohrbergs Christmas from Ferdinand von Schirach Review Paper

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Red burn the classic Advent candles – red is the blood. Here comes a Christmas book, bound in fine red cloth, the color may understand you match your particular interpretation. The writing shimmers partly in tinsel silver, partly in elegant black – a memorial card combination. At the bottom: the silhouette of a man with melon – black as all bad guys and as the crime itself …

More Reviews beautiful: Books and music CDs for Advent and Christmas see for Advent and Christmas on books reviews.

Ferdinand von Schirach, defense lawyers, but better known as a writer, has notified us as might be expected, bring any festive, homey or sentimental stories. Fact: These are three small psychograms that allow us to once again look into the depths of the human species. As is his wont, formulated by Schirach very cool, fair, accurate to the point succinctly. Only the date of 22 and 24 December and the title-giving story “Carl Tohrbergs Christmas” provide a reference to the party.

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In fact, assassinates Carl his mother Stephanie, born Princess Lychen-Helmstatt while the banquet. This tells us a friend who went as a child in the Tohrbergs on and off. Mother Stephanie dominates the impoverished noble family far from reality, but in style. If you have no assets, you live just on the interest of the non-existent capital. People judged Stephanie after her appearance or the specific smell, and the daubing her son, who too would like to be a painter, keeps them simply for “Glump”. Under these circumstances, the adult Carl only escape is far away from this environment. He studied mathematics, is an insurance salesman and paints the way on. His special technique is to encrypt the anamorphosis, a perspective distortion that already knew to apply the artists of the Middle Ages to secret messages. Thus, an image gives Carl his friend, and who knows how to interpret it: Although now Carl lives in the closed ward of a psychiatric – and he hopes, forever to be able to stay there – but he knew exactly what he was unceremoniously red colored on that Christmas eve was doing …

a baker, a woman, a man, a spade – any guesses what will come. Almost anonymously the first episode takes place. The killer has to nine years in prison, because “it would never change anything”, and this prediction turns out to be true. In the regained freedom, he falls in love, but comes again over him. Now the woman a name and the man has a chain with a panther pendant around his neck. Later is on the nightstand Baker: “He had cleaned of blood and pieces of skin” …

magistrate Seybold, the protagonist of the second story has completely dedicated his life to the period after his retirement. But what he had in mind, namely to spend months in Italy, he creates not. Already on the first leg of his tour, in Venice, he gives up. The rigors of life make him sick, and he returns to the scene of his activities back, even in the government offices. There he is old cases on to process them conscientiously. When one day he caught two car thieves in the act and it imprisons in a garage until the police arrive, he makes a big mistake. But the proceedings for false imprisonment is set due to low debt. But on December 22, Seybold disappears … What’s next? Sorry, here is fitting to mention.

Ferdinand von Schirach is one of the first German authors who from their professional expertise and real cases have created exciting, intelligent conversation. Meanwhile, a convoy of Commissioners, pathologists and other stakeholders has tried on success of reality thrillers, but not what they have baked all reached the quality of Christmas cookies von Schirach. His analyzes are as grandiose as the dedicated, minimalist presentation. Struck and shocked we breathe at the end by, and still need to think about when the pendulum in the wrong direction turned down and the whole Christmas tree ablaze rose …


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