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Career Plan as an Important Role in Self-Management Paper

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Career plan is a thing that plays an important role in self-management , planning is an important process of management and also in our professional and personal life. This process consists of five basic pillars. Which I will discuss gradually with my career plan. Setting objective: I want to join civil services. I want to become an authoritative officer after passing CSS exam. And in this way I want to serve my nation and country. My goal is to comfort my people through my services. where I stand: presently I am doing BS in biotechnology.

This degree is a pre-requisite of the CSS exam. Moreover this field can be a good backup plan. Predict the future: I could also face some difficulties in fulfilling my dreams. So it is better to predict future before the time so that one may act sagely according to the obstacles that come in the way. Like there may be some financial crisis that I can face as a hurdle so to overcome this I will do job somewhere and support myself financially so that I could achieve my objectives Alternatives: And if I couldn’t pass The CSS it will not be the end of life for me instead of mourning upon this I will pick up the backup plan that I will go to the abroad and do MS in the field of biochemical engineering that is very related to biotechnology then after coming back to my country I will open av firm. That will produce a bioproduct which will be beneficial for my country.

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For example biofuels can be produced in this type of industry to meet the energy needs of country in a sustainable way. Implementation : After completing my BS degree I will start preparation of my exam. And for this purpose I will join any academy that will provide me guideline and help to achieve my goal, I will select subjects according my field that is biotechnology, and I will test myself by attempting first trial of the test and if I am not passed in the exam I will attempt the second trial and then I will pass the exam(if God wills) and will become an officer and serve humanity, In other way around as I want to open my own firm of any bio-product that will be beneficial for people of the country and for economy of the country, my goal is achieved that is to serve human beings through my services and actions.

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