Capuz Sophia Charisse PIA1011 Mobile gaming has become one of

Capuz, Sophia Charisse P.


1. Mobile gaming has become one of the great entertainment sources in this modern age. As such, number of studies explicitly determined the potential negative effects of engaging in augmented reality games and collaborative action games, wherein over-dependence on such produces problematic effects towards the behavior of individuals. On the positive note, enhancement of brain functions yields positive effect on oneself’s development.

2. Map?a’s university-wide implementation of electronic books restricts, in a way, the students from getting fully-equipped reading materials.

With this, the use of traditional books alongside the modernized teaching equipments shall be taken into account.

3. Despite a growing number of advocacies expounding the rights required to be acknowledged and exercised regardless of gender, gender gaps still prevail in some workplaces. This is due to unequal recognition and treatment granted to menfolk and womenfolk in various aspects.

4. In this evolving generation, use of curse words have been extremely normalized to the extent of that it is on the borderline of losing its shock value.

This is because of the individuals accustomed to swearing when experiencing something unfavorable to them.

5. Cigarette smoking continuously stands as the most common cause of lung cancer in most countries. With this in mind, higher tax rate of tobaccos should be put into effect in order to decrease the smoking prevalence rate and suppress the aforementioned lifestyle disease that leads to more acute diagnosis.

6. Manila can be deemed as, in the future, a walkable city and a pedestrian-friendly place had the government contemplate new concepts for the reformation of urban planning and design.

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7. Many are deliberately expressing their great desire for the revival of capital punishment in the Philippines due to consecutive slay and rape cases persisting within the country. However, the Philippines is yet to enforce this because the present government system upholds the power more than the truth.

8. Animal population is consistently declining due to uncontrollable persistence of animal cruelty. In view of the fact that there are companies utilizing the animals for product-testing and there are individuals still seeing animal neglect as acceptable and usual.

9. College degree requirement for running government officials must be raised as concern and looked upon. This is due to compliance with equality in obtainment of work, and the standards wherein the quality of work is directly proportional to the education degree.

10. Catcalling in streets should stop being regarded as compliments or as humor. Hormones can never justify the unconsented acts of lasciviousness imposed to other persons.

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