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Fraser Hospitality was established on March 31, 1998, and many Fraser Hospitals have been established throughout the country have grown from 412 establishments. Fraser Hospitality starts with 2 properties in Singapore, Fraser Suites River Valley, and Fraser Place Robertson Walk, and grew to more than 24,000 keys worldwide. Fraser Hospitality has 5 brands unique with its offerings but also focuses on the mission and vision of the organization. Fraser Hospitality, a member of Fraser and Property Group, is a global hospitality operator with Gold-Standard service apartments, hotel accommodation, and boutique lifestyle hotels throughout Australia, Southeast Asia, North Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the UK.

Fraser Hospitality intends to become a nationwide focus and evolve through continuous innovation and intuitive service to provide an unforgettable experience. Fraser Hospitality has received numerous awards and earned an international venue with outstanding service offerings.

Capri Fraser Kuala Lumpur is located in the South Bangui area of Capri by Fraser near the entertainment and leisure center, such as the new NEXUS Convention Center and six acres of gardens.

For travelers looking for accommodation and experiencing different hotels, Capri Fraser Kuala Lumpur has hotel facilities with all the comforts and convenience of home. Capri Fraser Kuala Lumpur has a 33-story tower with a rooftop bar that offers stunning city views and also the hotel’s very comfortable residence for tourists.

Fraser World gives privileges to Fraser World members. Fraser World has two members, Fraser World member Privileges and Fraser World Membership Tiers. Fraser World member Privileges enjoy a range of exclusive privileges.

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Fraser World provides a different world experience to customers than home-based customers who serve Fraser Hospitality and homes around the world. Fraser World provides members with a variety of added privileges such as Fraser Discount from Best Flexible Mice, Birthday Discount, F & B Discounts, and Priority Check-in.

Fraser World Membership Tiers encourages customers to participate in the Fraser World program. By signing up for free Crystal memberships and gaining access and a range of privileges to enhance a very different experience from home. Customers only need 10 nights for Short Night or 150 nights qualifying for Long Stay to upgrade from Crystal pole to Sapphire poles, and 40 nights for Short Stay Eligibility or 300 nights eligible for Long Stay to upgrade to Diamond pole. Customers only need to mention the membership number when booking and all points collected during registration to enjoy additional privileges.



The hospitality industry consists of a range of service providers that includes bars, restaurants, and lodging establishments. A wide spectrum exists within these categories. The restaurant category alone runs from fast food to fine dining, and the lodging category includes economy motels, casino hotels, and resorts. Performance objectives for hospitality providers are interrelated and, to some extent, dependent upon one another.

The main objective of Capri by Fraser Hotel is to develop and provide a unique tourisproductsct. For example, the reception of the Capri by Fraser brand is attributed to the uniqueness of its proposition as an urban-inspired, design-led hotel residence concept that provides guests the flexibility to choose how they want to rest, relax and recharge.

It also to provides a warm welcome, comfortable accommodations, and friendly service. Travelers have choices and look for the best experience at a reasonable price. To win repeat business from loyal customers, hospitality providers must set challenging yet realistic objectives, supplying the training and resources for service providers to meet their objectives and exceed guests’ expectations.

Vision and Mission

Through our research on Capri by Fraser, we have found out about their vision. Their vision is Capri by Fraser aims to be a leading global hospitality group that anticipates and exceeds their customers’ evolving expectations through continuous innovation with intuitive service to deliver memorable experiences. Capri by Fraser will be the preferred choice for their customers, employees,s, and business partners. Meanwhile, their mission is to cater to the “always-on” lifestyle needs of today’s e-generation travelers, Capri by Fraser bridges the gap between conventional hotels and serviced residences by offering a hybrid of hotel facilities together with the comfort and convenience of a full serviced residence.

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